Move in and Move out

Move in and Move out

Allows a property manager to input and organize move-in and move-out checklists

This app allows a property manager to conveniently fill out and organize tenants’ move-in and move-out checklists. Special features enable the landlord to fill out move-in and move-out data separately, with the ability to then view the complete data grouped by units.

How to Start

To begin it is necessary for the property manager (landlord) to generate an excel file using Google Excel Suite containing two tables: A directory of current real estate properties and available apartments.

Table No. 1 –  List of Properties
Required fields:
-Name of the Property (If applicable)
Table №2 – List of Apartments
Required fields:
-Apartment Number (or Designation)
-Property ID (which House/Building does the apartment belong to)
-Rental Rate

The tenant will begin by selecting the date of arrival, the desired apartment from the listings and registering with their name.So that the future tenant will be asked to fill out the form in the application (the Move-In tab). Next, the user fills in a questionnaire in which he assesses the condition of the object – all of its rooms according to predetermined parameters, for example, the state of locks / doors / windows / flooring. The choice is predetermined: the user can choose one of three values ​​- Good, Fair, Poor, his value can not be entered. In the end, the user signs. When leaving the apartment, tenants need to fill in the Move-Out table. First you need to select your entry from the list and enter the departure date. Then go through a similar questionnaire about the condition of the apartment after leaving and put your signature.

Table No. 1 – Move in
Required fields:
-Move-in Date (Date of the Rental)
-Apartment Number (or Designation from the Apartment Listings Table)
-Name of the Tenant
-Fields containing the previously mentioned Questionaire for the tenant (Assessment of the property conditions)
-Signature of tenant

Table # 2 – Move Out
Required fields:
-Move-in ID – an ID from the entry record in the previous table
-Move-out Date – departure date
-Questionaire field  (Re-assessment of the property conditions on departure)
-Tenant Signature.

All the data on the arrivals and departures are recorded in the application and are available to the manager at any time. You can always choose the apartment you are interested in and find out all the information about the rent.

Move in and Move out