Online Calculator App

Online Calculator App

Use Excel in Google Sheet as your online calculator app

The Online Calculator App provides scientific, percentage, salary, tax, time card, grade and paycheck functions in a beautifully designed app by using Excel. The formulas specified in iBuildApp’s Editor allow the user to input numerical data into the app, which is then automatically calculated and displayed in the app.

Use Microsoft Office Excel to do the math in your Online Calculator App

On a google worksheet, you can enter simple and advanced scientific formulas to add, divide, multiply, and subtract two or more numeric values.

* Quick tax calculation

* Time card and paycheck functions

* Advanced Scientific calculations

* Calculate with Degrees or grade

* Percentage Button

This app is using a Google Sheet, with a few columns and several simple formulas applied to them via iBuildApp’s editor.

1. The spreadsheet has the following columns (in order of appearance): House Price, Down Payment, Mortgage Rate, Mortgage Length (Years), Mortgage Amount, Yearly Payment, Monthly Payment, and Total Payment.

Because we wanted to see the customer’s name and total cost of payment first in the app, we’ve made those our first two columns.

2. A few formulas used in these fields in the Editor to calculate the total cost. For each entry, the user will input her house price, downpayment, and the tax rate. The formulas will determine the total payment and monthly payment, which are then added together to produce the total cost.

To update your formula, take a look at the Advanced Editor>Data>Column Structure, and view the App Formula field.

Online Calculator
House price
House price should be more then down payment
Down payment
Mortgage rate
Mortgage length (years)
The max mortgage length is 300
Mortgage Amount
Yearly payment
Monthly payment
Total payment