Staff Timesheet

A timesheet app that allows employees to log time in and time out

This is a convenient app that allows employees to track their hours and log time in and time out. The app allows for immediate calculation of total wages based on hours work, giving accounting or human resources all of the information they need.

How to Start

In short: this app is powered by Excel Spreadsheets. A two column Excel spreadsheet would need to be filled out with the tables below. On use employees would select their name from a drop-down list and mark the start and end time of their work. As for the calculation of wages: they would be calculated by the total time worked according to a given formula and then translated into a numerical format.¬†For the correct operation of these calculations / formulas, it is necessary to compile excel-tables with fields, as described below. Table No. 1 – Directory “Employee List” Required fields: -Employee name -Photo (link to photo) -Position -Email Address -Phone number -Hourly Wage -Date of an employee’s first day (Purely aesthetic, does not participate in the calculations) Table No. 2 – Registration of working hours Required fields: -Current Date (Business day) -New Employee (if any) -Break Time of employee (if any) -Drop down list of employees (From Table 1) -Start of Shift timestamp -End of Shift timestamp -Total Hours – the total time worked for the current day (calculated by formula) -Total Wage – the amount of wages for the current day (calculated by designated formula)
Staff Timesheet