9 Mobile App Design Facebook Pages You Should Follow

Did you know that 89% of consumer media time is spent in mobile apps, compared to just 11% in mobile webpages? The evidence is clear that finding the proper inspiration for your mobile app is a crucial part of reaching out to customers and turning your mobile app design into something that people want to stick around for.

Since so many people are spending loads of time on mobile apps, it begs the question; how can designers learn more about mobile app design to enhance the look, feel and interface of their current mobile apps? Staying up on the trends is certainly important, and luckily Facebook offers various pages and groups that you can follow to consolidate all of the knowledge on the internet in one place.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best mobile app design Facebook pages for you to follow.

Inspired UI for mobile app design

Mobile App Design

Inspired UI is a website that publishes recent mobile app design news and tips for people building websites and mobile apps. The Facebook page is constantly updated with links to relevant news articles for you to pull in inspiration and think about how you can tweak your own mobile app.

From simple tools for mobile app makers to collections of animations and transitions, the Inspired UI Facebook page lives up to its name, motivating designers of all experience levels to create an app that transcends the average designs.

Mobile Mixed for Mobile App Design

Mobile Design

Mobile Mixed, a mobile marketing podcast and blog, has a useful Facebook page if you’re interested in finding brand new techniques to market your mobile app. The advantage to listening to the podcast, or simply following the Facebook page, is that Greg Hickman, the creator and podcast host, brings together marketing tactics for using with both your mobile and web platforms.

This way you can take a step back to look at your business and how each of your platforms work together to bring in more customers.

Social Times for mobile app design

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SocialTimes is a popular publication, under the Adweek Blog Network. Its primary focus is social media, but this is a wonderful way to learn about how your mobile app has an opportunity to thrive with the help of systems like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

SocialTimes also shares information about the mobile app industry, allowing you to keep up with the trends and turn your app into a desirable download.

POWr Plugins

Mobile Designer

POWr Plugins, a company that integrates with iBuildApp, offers stunning plugins for anything from galleries to specialized contact forms. The primary focus on the company’s Facebook page is to ensure you know how to use the POWr interface as efficiently as possible. They share recent updates for making your app stand out, and they even share articles for understanding the many integrations that come with POWr, such as Shopify and iBuildApp.


App Designer

TradeMob is a company that takes your current app and boosts its marketing power by reaching out to new customers and converting the ones that already know about you. Re-engaging existing customers is a huge part of running a successful mobile app, so TradeMob places a heavy focus on that.

Mobile Marketing Watch

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Setting up a mobile app is the easy part, considering it only takes a few minutes with iBuildApp. The main problem arises when you are tasked with going out and marketing the app to your potential and current customers. The Mobile Marketing Watch Facebook page scours the internet for the most relevant articles and stats that show effective ways for marketing your app.

From automated marketing tactics to mobile regulations and rules, Mobile Marketing Watch delivers an ideal collection of original content and articles from around the world.

App Design Awards for mobile app design

Mobile App Design

The Mobile App Design Awards recognize creative experts who make strides in pushing the mobile app industry forward. The organization’s Facebook page shares information on upcoming events for meeting up with other people in the industry and learning from experts.

The main reason this is on the list is to get a good look at the mobile apps that receive awards so you can scrummage up some inspiration and ideas for modifying your own app.

Beautiful Pixels for mobile app design

Mobile App template

Beautiful Pixels is a blog that requires the attention of just about everyone who is working on a mobile app design. The blog provides images to some of the most interesting and creative mobile designs in the world, allowing discussion on why the designs work well.

The Facebook page is basically a place for you to stay up-to-date on the most recent postings. Many designers look at Pinterest for inspiration, but this is a way to look at a somewhat curated collection of app examples.


Mobile App facebook

From ways to wreck your mobile app loyalty to goal setting for mobile app success, the iBuildApp Facebook page is the perfect spot for you to learn more about our interface and how we recommend people market their mobile apps. We always share relevant content from around the web, update you on new releases and send you articles from our own blog.

That’s just about it for some of the best pages and groups to follow on Facebook if you’re interested in learning more about mobile app design. Some of the pages talked about above provide wonderful links to industry articles, while others allow conversation and interaction with developers and knowledgeable people willing to help you make the best mobile app design possible. Share your thoughts in the comments section if you can think of any additional mobile app design Facebook pages to follow.