Mobile App Resellers: Don’t Forget These 8 Key Rules

If you’re just getting into the mobile app reselling business or you’re an experienced vet, it’s prudent to constantly rethink your strategies and learn about new trends and ideas.

These forms of inspiration come from blogs, other designers or even by just walking around and noticing the art that surrounds us in the world.

However, a few rules remain, holding together your business and allowing you to follow the procedures and become a little more creative as a result.

Therefore, keep reading to refresh your memory on the app reselling rules. This way, you’ll rarely lose sight of what’s important in the business.

Rule 1: Have a Killer Online Portfolio as a Mobile App Reseller

Including a bunch of links on a website is far from enough. Not only do people want to see images and even videos of your past mobile apps, but they’d like to test them out on their own phones. Therefore, generate a beautiful image gallery that leads to additional information about the projects. Explain your processes and the companies you’ve worked with. Include links to app download pages and any comments about pricing.

Rule 2: Make an Email Signature That Promotes Shares

Most of your communications with small business owners will go through email. If one of these people wants to share your information with a business partner or acquaintance, it’s far easier for them to take a look at your email signature. This is a wonderful reminder for customers to refer your services, and you can also include other call to actions for online reviews and social media follows.

Rule 3: Utilize Analytics as a Mobile App Reseller

Most app reseller programs have powerful analytics for seeing how many users are downloading and using your app creations. We recommend checking in on these every month to evaluate what can be changed in terms of your design. You’ll also want to install Google Analytics on your website, strengthening your marketing tactics by understanding who is actually coming to your website.

Rule 4: Use Criticism and Feedback to Your Advantage

Most small business owners will have no problem giving their feedback, since you’ll run into some picky people who are passionate about the way their businesses look online. Gather feedback from all sources (online reviews, verbal feedback, emails from customers,) then categorize it to see if there are any trends.

Some of the feedback won’t need to be addressed, but most of the time you’ll find that customers have the same criticisms, allowing you to adjust and improve.

Rule 5: Test Like It’s Your Job (Because It Is)

Although app reseller programs (like the one through iBuildApp,) offer tested and bug-free templates, things happen throughout the design process. If there’s one rule that you should follow on a daily basis, this is the one. You must test, test, then test some more. This way, you won’t find a broken link or a stretched out graphic by learning about it from a client.

Rule 6: Forget About Perfection

You must ship your product. Besides testing three or four times, you’re never going to make that perfect app. Clear out the idea of perfection in your own mind, and give yourself deadlines so that your clients aren’t waiting for you to make tweaks that won’t matter.

Rule 7: Always Keep an Eye on Mobile App Trends

Subscribe to your favorite mobile app and general design magazines. Blogs are plentiful, and you can find a wide variety of podcasts and YouTube shows that cover mobile app news and tips. This way you have a grasp on upcoming trends before they happen. You can market new features to clients and keep your design game refined.

Rule 8: Only Use Relevant Social Media Platforms

It’s rather easy to jump on Facebook and start sharing your designs and blogs posts about design. But have you asked yourself if Facebook is the right place to be. The first rule is to only choose one social media platform. You may find that small businesses have more time for Twitter, while individuals are more likely to look for fun content on Facebook. Remember, the whole point of being on social media is to demonstrate your expertise and give out tips to customers.

Which mediums cater to this?

If you have any questions about the 8 key mobile app reselling rules let us know in the comments section below.


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