New Conference or Event App Templates available

Are you planning on holding a conference in the future?

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep attendees, employees, speakers and other people informed about the conference events with the device that most folks have in their pockets?

If you’ve ever been to a conference or event that utilized a mobile app, you already know how convenient it can be to access an app for driving to the event, keeping up with the schedule and checking in on the speakers.

That’s why iBuildApp has created a wonderful section in the template store dedicated just to corporate events and conferences.

What Do Some of the New Conference and Event App Templates Look Like?

The goal with our conference and event templates is to make them professional and easy to use. Therefore, you’ll find a wide range of colors, buttons and navigation options, but they all provide wonderful stock images and preset pages that you can fill in with your own information.

Conference or Event App

Feel free to upload your own logo or include a custom page that only fits with your business event. Each template provides organized buttons on the homepage, along with sleek, professional designs to show that your event is going to be legitimate.

Conference or Event App

What Features Can You Expect to Find With These Conference or Event App Templates?

Venue Information and Surveys

Conference App

With a conference or event, visitors need to know exactly where they must drive so they don’t get lost. A pre-built Venue page has options for including contact information, addresses, hotel names and images. In addition, you can collect feedback from attendees by editing the provided Survey page, filled with personal information fields, radio buttons and questions.

An Agenda and Attendee List

Event App

Your agenda is manageable through Google Calendars, so whenever you make a change on your computer, it automatically reflects those modifications on the conference or event app.

It’s also nice to show potential visitors who else is planning to come to the event. Make a list of your attendees, and incorporate pages with names, contact information and websites. The goal is to reveal attendees that other potential attendees might want to speak with.

Logistics, Sponsors and Speakers

Conference or Event

How are attendees going to get to the event? That’s easy, because the event and conference templates offer pages that include maps and contact information, so everyone can simply punch in their own address to get directions to the facility.

Sponsors likely want their logos scattered on all of your marketing materials, so the event templates also have Sponsor pages fitted with modules that reveal logo images, titles and descriptions.

In addition, attendees are more likely to come to your event if they know that a big speaker is going to be talking. Therefore, one of the most important areas on your mobile app is the Speakers page. Upload images of the most popular contributors, and explain where they work, what their credentials are and what they plan on speaking about.

Activities, Forums and Photos


Another essential page for any conference is the schedule. This is compiled underneath the Activities page, where you can include details about what you have planned for visitors, along with dates and times so people are always on time.

A forum also comes with the event and conference apps, meaning that users can login and chat while the event is happening. Imagine allowing for speakers to reply to attendee questions while they sit in the hotel after a speech.

Finally, a Photos page is offered for you to upload images of past events, the hotels, airports and surrounding attractions. This may seem like a fluff page, but photos are essential in getting people excited about the trip. For example, if you’re in a warm weather climate, you can really get people amped up by posting sunny beaches and fun attractions.


Now that you’ve had a chance to see what the event and conference templates can do for your company, feel free to click the button above to play around with the features and understand how easy it is to make your own conference app.

If you have any questions about building your own event or conference mobile app, leave us a comment in the section below.