New Fitness Club App Designs With Loyalty Card and Membership Solution

As the iBuildApp reseller program continues to grow, we’ve noticed that the fitness club market is particularly profitable for resellers. Just take NetPulse for example. The company has made their fitness apps, and it’s found wonderful clients like Orangetheory Fitness, Planet Fitness and UFC Gym.

Those are some pretty impressive clients for a mobile app company, and taking a quick look at the NetPulse website shows that they’ve done everything right.

First of all, NetPulse has targeted only one primary niche, the fitness world. Not only that, but they’ve landed on a market where the customers interact with their mobile apps. NetPulse utilizes some beautiful app designs, while also showing feature demos and descriptions on the NetPulse website.

A fitness club would be hard pressed to say no to the folks at NetPulse. And since we’ve realized the full potential of the fitness mobile app world, we’ve revamped most of our fitness templates and included additional features.

The Loyalty Card Feature for Fitness Club Memberships

The Loyalty Card feature can be included with any iBuildApp template. However, we particularly like it for fitness clubs apps, since you’re able to configure a membership program where people can scan-in whenever they come to the gym and even receive rewards whenever they visit the gym a certain number of times.

Fitness Club App Designs With Membership Solution


A New Look Into the Male Fitness Club Apps

We’ve included the Loyalty Card feature in each of the iBuildApp fitness templates. Therefore, users can earn rewards and keep track of their membership at the same time. The fitness club apps also look much cleaner with our reboot. We’ve included beautiful buttons, quick call and email options, and links to social media pages.

Fitness Club Solution

We recommend taking advantage of the video pages, where you can send out exercise information to users who may want to come in and try out a new exercise. Furthermore, the online booking page serves as a way to get more people into a personal training session or class.

Fitness App Designs

Some of the other new elements for the fitness templates include Contact Us information, About Us pages and forums for users to chat with each other or with the gyms.

Fitness Club Solution


A Look Into the New Female Fitness Club Apps

The female-centric fitness apps have the same new functionality, but they obviously look a tad different. For example, some gyms are more catered to women, where females come in for speciality classes and yoga training.

Fitness Club App Designs With Loyalty Card Solution

You’ll still get essential pages for booking classes, showing off contact information and talking about the gym. However, the membership pages are also provided with the templates. And, of course, you can sell t-shirts, pants, shoes and memberships through the mobile store.

New Fitness Club Solution


Are You Ready to Launch Your New Fitness App?

The market is fair game for resellers interested in making fitness apps. In addition, gyms are constantly working with people and figuring out new ways to get people through the doors. Therefore, mobile apps are the best way to do so right now.

If you have any questions about making a fitness club mobile app, let us know in the comments below.


How to make an app

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How to make an app

A fitness club would be onerous ironed to mention no to the oldsters at essay help now. And since we’ve realized the total potential of the fitness mobile app world, we’ve revamped most of our fitness templates and enclosed extra options.However, we have a tendency to significantly am fond of it for fitness clubs apps, since you’re able to assemble a membership program wherever individuals will scan-in whenever they are available to the athletic facility and even receive rewards whenever they visit the athletic facility a precise variety of times.

How to make an app

How to make an app

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