The Key to Success on the App Store

Recently the Hanx Writer app, a typing app created and endorsed by Tom Hanx has shot to the top of the app store rankings by reaching Publishing Success on App Store.

How do you get the exposure that the Hanx Writer app is receiving? Well, it obviously helps to have a name like Tom Hanks to slap his name on the app, but this situation teaches us some valuable lessons on what it takes to shoot to the top of the the mobile app success on app store, and most of the takeaways start with planning in advance.

Publishing Success on App Store

Whether you want to build the next popular photo sharing app or a small business app there isn’t just one key to success. There are actually four. Let’s take a look to figure out how to plan and build for publishing success on app store.

Researching For Competition and Reception – Publishing Success on App Store

Your journey begins in the app stores. Go to the Google Play Store or iTunes and scan through the apps that are gaining attention. Think about apps that potentially relate to your business, or use completely new ideas to grab the attention of users. The Google Play Store and iTunes have charts to narrow down your search and locate the industry in which you want to build your app.

Make a list of the top apps that relate to your ideas. You might notice that messaging apps are popular or that keyboards are known to have publishing success on app store since everyone on an Android phone enjoys trying out new keyboards. Focus on these types of apps, since they are proven effective. Just because there is competition, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of breaking into the market.

Narrowing It Down to a Niche

OK, I lied. Since there is competition there is a very small chance of you moving up the charts. That said, the first step wasn’t for nothing. It gives you validation on the types of apps that perform well, and you need to use this validation in order to spend time working on an app that people actually want to use.

After you figure out which apps are the most popular online, think about a niche you can create that caters to a small group of people or completes one task very well. The Hanx Writer app is a great example. There are plenty of keyboard and writing apps in the market, but none that give people a way to feel like they are actually typing on an old typewriter. The sounds of the keys, delays at the end of a sentence and the inability to correct typos with a backspace all make the app unique.

Maybe since messaging apps are so popular you can create a messaging app just for golf courses. When someone comes to your golf course the app lets them communicate with other golfers, post scores and arrange competitions.

If you don’t narrow it down to a niche then you’re already starting behind an app that has traction. You can’t expect to see results with a photo sharing app that’s just a replica of Instagram.

Finding That Key Ingredient That Drums Up Demand

There’s always a key to success with apps that perform well in the mobile app stores, and the Hanx writer found that key with the help of a celebrity name and the ability to target people who love typewriters.

If you don’t have a demand for your product then you can’t expect people to find your page and download the app. If you can get a celebrity endorsement then more power to you. Think about connections and people who might push the app to its full potential. You might find an old golf pro to help endorse your golf messaging app. Or you could get the app listed in a big time tech website like TechCrunch.

Combined with a quality niche, a key ingredient to drum up demand is essential for the success of your app. You don’t always have to find a famous person either. Think about how Facebook or Tinder started. The programs were pushed onto small campus populations. If you can get a small group of people to enjoy your app then they will become the driving force behind the app.

Optimizing Your Page for Keywords That Relate to the Key Ingredient

Once you have that key ingredient you need to optimize your mobile app page with keywords that get people interested. This doesn’t mean just thinking of creative terms. It means completing research to see what people are searching for in your industry. Think about your niche and key ingredient to show others that your app is publishing success on app store.

Share your thoughts about publishing success on app store for mobile apps in the comments section below. Let us know if this key to success list has helped you promote your app and build new apps for your users in the future.