Release: Reseller Plans to start your own business!

Start your own business! Resell apps building service on your site! Reseller solution is released!

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) you have the possibility to up-sell your existing customers and acquire new ones! How? You will get access to design and brand your own Private label version of our platform. Meaning you choose the brand name under which you offer the services to your customers.

Please follow the link to our Reseller solution page to start your own business!

You don’t need any technical infrastructure in order to run the platform – it is in the cloud. In addition, the platform is highly secure and meeting all current industry standards.

Furthermore, you are also provided promotional and marketing tools such as ability to use coupons, Advertising, access to analytics which show analysis, trends and benefits to your customers.

The core of our VAR program is to help you generate revenues on a recurring basis. You resell the apps monthly. As a VAR you have a wholesale unit price per package, per month.

start your own business


How to make an app

Can the apps that I currently have under my original account be transferred to a START RESELLER account?

How to make an app

Hi Kenneth,

As a reseller you get a tool for providing mobile app building service to your customers, under your own brand.
It means, you’ll pay us for service of creating user’s apps, but not under IBuildApp branding, just under your own (from your own site).
For example, you’ve paid us $299 fee for START RESELLER programme. If I was a user, I could come on your site and create up to 50 apps on your site. As a reseller, you should make builds of created apps on your site.
So you don’t need to transfer your own made apps to RESELLER account.


How to make an app

you will get a notice and grey period to upgrade your plan in 10 days. or your account will be frozen, the same way as you get it in hosting company. they freeze your account if you don’t pay your bill, right?

How to make an app

how you charge is up to you. we can’t control it.
and we can’t control downloads as these apps should be distributed via app stores like google play and apple iTunes. it may cost you a fortune, what do you want from us? i posted a link above how to manage your customers but it seems you didn’t read it and prefer me to explain this guide for you, is it right? you can terminate app in your reseller account and this app will be screwed app for download. we can’t make it temporary unavailable as of now.

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