Reseller Guide


The first step towards becoming a Reseller is to choose a reseller plan (on Reseller webpage, select a plan and click "Subscribe Now" button): you decide which plan best fits your needs. You may start with Reseller 30 and then evaluate if you need to switch to another one.

NOTE: You have to be a registered iBuildApp user in order to subscribe for a reseller plan.

Once you have decided on a reseller account type, complete the pages on the "Reseller Program Subscription" wizard:

How to make an app

Confirm your payment info:

How to make an app

And close the confirmation screen to complete.

After you finish the signup wizard for your new reseller account, look for a confirmation email from iBuildApp at the email address you provided - you'll receive an email like below. If you do not, contact [email protected]. In this email we ask you to provide the following info:

  1. The name of your reseller website (the domain name that you've already registered). If you still do not have one - it's time to register it as we cannot proceed configuring your Reseller site. You can register you site name at any domain name provider you like, for example:, You do not need to take care of the site hosting stuff as your site will be hosted in the cloud - just choose a name and register it.
  2. Your Brand name (the name of your company or you name).
  3. Tags (words that describe your website the best way, for example "mobile applications, app builder solution");
  4. Website title (might be the name of your company or organization, or a brief description of the organization, or a combination of the two).
  5. Meta keywords (list of keywords used to indicate what your web site is about).
  6. Meta description (meta tag that describes your website).
  7. Twitter url (your Twitter URL).
  8. Facebook url (your Facebook URL).
  9. Contact Email (your contact email).

Please reply us back with all required information about your reseller website!

Choosing domain name for your Reseller website

Before we can proceed with setting up environment for your reseller site, you should provide your domain name (the name of your Reseller website).

NOTE: Domain Name (DNS) Registration assures you exclusive use of your domain name for a specific time - generally two years.

One of the most basic, yet most critical steps in the process of building an e-business is to select and register a domain that will serve as the home of your business.

You may register a domain for your business simply because you like it, but it should follow the pattern:

  •, where "my_site_name" is the name of your website.
  • using the ".com" domain is not obligatory - you can use any other domain e.g. ".us", ".net", ".ch", etc.

Note, that your domain shouldn't point to any existing site as it'll be redirected to point to your Reseller site. If you've already have your site set and you would like to have your Reseller site as a part of it, then we recommend using subdomains. You can choose any subdomain you like, but we recommend following the pattern:

  •, where "my_site_name" is the name of your website, "subdomain_name" is the name of your subdomain.

You can register you domain name with any domain name provider you like, i.e.:

You do not need to worry about hosting stuff as your website will be hosted in the cloud. All you need to do is choose a name and register it.

Setting up your DNS

Upon completion the domain name registration you have to create the proper CNAME DNS record.

NOTE: A CNAME record redirects site visitors from the domain name they entered in their browsers to another domain name - in your case, your Reseller website. Using CNAME to point to a website location instead of an actual IP address also allows iBuildApp to better guarantee high-availability.

In other words, your registered domain name should point to your Reseller site hosted in the cloud, that's why you have to perform the DNS setup.

Since the procedure may be too "techy" for you, we would recommend your technical support provider to set it up.

Here is the example of a proper CNAME record:

| | IN CNAME |

where "" is your website name.

Provide your system administrator or your provider's support team with the pattern above and the name of your website, so they could create a proper CNAME DNS record.

If you would like to set up the CNAME record on your own let's take a quick glance at what's involved. The detailed steps will depend on your specific configuration. Refer to your account where your domain name is registered and open CNAME form addition. See below the example of the form. Choose record type 'CNAME', for Alias Name enter you Reseller site domain name, for host name enter

How to make an app
Setting up your environment

Once you provided all required information about your website, please allow us up to 3 business days to setup the environment for you!

In 3 days, our engineers will provide you with all necessary accesses and you can start customizing front-end for you website.