SAP Service Marketplace to sell extensions for business apps

Building a custom mobile app just got easier with Extensions Marketplace from that is similar to SAP Service Marketplace.

With SAP Service Marketplace, customers can buy or sell mobile extensions for apps.

With SAP Service Marketplace companies can buy mobile templates and extensions to enhance the look and functionality of their custom apps. SAP Marketplace adds to iBuildApp’s existing app building platform which requires no coding skills to build a free iPhone or Android app. The SAP Service Marketplace contains a variety of target group specific internet portals.

extensions for business apps

SAP Service Marketplace is the central company management hub for SAP solutions: on premise, or in the cloud. It accelerates innovation, manages application lifecycles, and runs solutions, end-to-end and integrated in your business and IT platform.

Templates for many types of businesses – from restaurants to eBook sellers – can be now be viewed at

The SAP Marketplace allows graphic designers to resell mobile templates and businesses to find designs to use to build an app. The addition means there are now hundreds of design elements available on iBuildApp’s platform, which previously focused on the code aspect of the apps.

The SAP Service Marketplace contains a variety of target group specific internet portals that enable true collaboration among SAP, its customers and partners.

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The new release was driven by customer demand. Customers asked for the ability to share or buy designs. “Our customers were always asking for their own templates, custom splash screens, icons, and buttons. Now they can upload the designs on their own and even resell them,” said Rafael Soultanov, founder and CEO of iBuildApp.

The templates are built with iBuildApp specifications and can be installed in an app with just a click of the mouse. “We made it so you can buy a mobile template from our community and know that it’s compatible and trusted. Marketplace features designs created and sold by designers around the world,” said Soultanov.

Previously iBuildApp added GPS and mobile coupon features to the app building service. The site’s most popular apps, with ratings and comments from the community, are showcased on the homepage.

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