Top online commerce apps powered by store builder Shopify login, themes, api, support

The shopping cart function connected to online site builder Shopify themes, login, api is a fairly new feature offered by iBuildApp. Recently it started making huge waves in terms of engagement and building revenue for online stores. When you build a commerce online store with Shopify or an app with iBuildApp you give your customers a chance to reach out to your company through their website or mobile device. You can make your online store with Website Commerce store builder Shopify that can bring in new streams of revenue.

We scoured the iBuildApp app store to find some of the online stores that implemented ecommerce apps by using software shopify with api, themes and login quite well. Hopefully these can help you in building your own online store to sell your hats, shirts, jewelry or whatever it is you make money with.

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Villain Art Supplies App that uses shopify themes, api, login

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Next to the Villain Art Supply design, this app works wonders in terms of selling products through an online store powered by mobile app. The buttons to products are clear on the homepage, and it redirects straight to the shopping cart to feature beautiful pictures and details on each product in the Shopify store.

Click on one of the art supplies and you can see an even bigger picture and click on the purchase button after you decide that the price is suitable for you.You’ll notice that the products are nicely categorized to make for a solid user experience

SaleFlowers online store app that uses shopify themes, api, login

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This mobile app stands as a role model for online flower shops, and all companies who plan on selling their products in an app. Some of you might not be able to understand the text, but the shopping cart button is right on the home screen, which then redirects to touch-friendly buttons.

All the prices and images are shown clearly, and you don’t have to search around the commerce mobile app to find the products you are looking for. It’s also worth noting that the best apps include descriptions for the products, making it easier for people to choose what they should buy.

Flowerlicious Sydney app powered by shopify themes, login, api

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For some reason the online flower shops know how to market their products through commerce websites and mobile apps, because this Sydney-based company also uses the ecommerce software from Shopify themes, api and login. They tried Squarespace site builder before but returned to Shopify ecommerce software back.

You’ll notice that the Order Now button is the first thing that anyone sees when they open the app, leading to more clicks to the products they are trying to sell. The only things I would modify are the descriptions and colors on the shopping cart pages to improve branding.

Max – My Fitness Expert app that uses Shopify themes, API and support login

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Max, the fitness expert, has popped up many times on our lists because he knows exactly how to sell his services through a commerce mobile app. The cool thing about his app is that he primarily sells a service, but it proves that you can still implement a shopping cart if you sell a service.

He uses the commerce software from Shopify API, their themes, login and support to sell promotional rates on fitness items such as fish oils and multivitamins. If you sell online, you might want to think about expanding to sell products in your app as well to reach out to new customers.

The only thing I would change about this setup is the pictures. He needs to add some product images so that people can see exactly what they are buying. Other than that, the pricing information is perfect, and you can even click on the products to see information on what you plan on buying.

iBully commerce app supporting Shopify Themes, API and Login

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The iBully company strives to make people aware of abandoned bully dogs who need homes. Their design is nice and the commerce mobile app links to a TV station, an Events page, pet finders and images similar how it’s done in Shopify online store builder with themes and api.

The company uses the ecommerce software shopify with themes, api and login to showcase the many bully dogs that you can buy or adopt. This is nice because it shows you can sell just about anything with your commerce mobile app. You don’t need to sell hats or jewelry to make it work.

In fact, you’ll also notice that the iBully app includes striking pictures and descriptions for each and every bully, so people are more compelled to make a purchase.

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any questions about these striking commerce mobile apps connected to online store builder shopify with themes, api, login and support. If you are interested in making your own mobile app checkout the pre-built templates and get started on Shopify store by entering your log in information such as email address and password.

Managing staff members and login services with Shopify themes and API

You can create staff member accounts to give other people access to your Shopify admin without allowing them access to sensitive information. Staff members can access their own accounts at Shopify with their own passwords, and set their own account details, independently of the account owner of store.