Should You Pay for Ads for Your Mobile App Business

Paid advertising has the potential to bring in lots of clients for a mobile app reselling business. However, it becomes a rather expensive endeavor if you don’t know how to go about setting up your paid ads. Not only that, but some paid ad platforms aren’t exactly designed for all industries.

Finally, you may find that the larger app resellers in your area are impossible to compete with, making the paid ad world one you might not want to get into.

Regardless, the potential is there, so we’d like to cover three of the major ad networks so that you feel confident in spending money for your mobile app business.

Paying for Instagram Ads

Ads for Your Mobile App Business

Benefits to start your Mobile App Business

As we know, Instagram is meant for fancy photos with filters. Not only that, but the user engagement is incredible, making it an interesting place for small businesses. Brands engage more with customers on Instagram more than on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This is big news since it seems like people know they’re being sold on Instagram.

What’s more is that the majority of the paid advertisements on Instagram are taken out by small businesses. Instagram also has plenty of free business tools, along with a program that lets you test out ads for free before they are paid for.

Challenges to start Mobile App Business

Since Instagram has so many targeting tools it requires you to really know your customer base. This isn’t always possible for small businesses. Therefore, you need to complete a bit of research prior to taking the jump into Instagram ads. In addition, trial and error is most definitely a part of this platform.

Should You Use Instagram Ads for Your Mobile App Business?

The mobile app business isn’t always a visually appealing one, but if you know how to make insanely beautiful apps, you can definitely draw attention to people on Instagram. The reason we like Instagram so much is because you have all the tools needed for testing. Try out different pictures, both with people in them and just app screenshots. If it doesn’t work out you won’t be spending much money.

Paying for Facebook Ads

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Similar to Instagram, the Facebook Ads program has an insane number of tools for helping out small businesses that want to target small groups of people, especially locally. Facebook has collected an incredible amount of personal data on its users, so it’s by far the most advanced platform for targeting. As long as you utilize the filters properly, Facebook ads can be rather affordable.


The Facebook Ads interface looks intimidating as heck for beginners. Yes, you have the ability to test out ads without paying, and the demographic filtering is impressive. But the large number of tools causes confusion, often forcing you to spend extra money because you’re not using it properly.

Should You Use Facebook Ads for Your Mobile App Business?

Yes, but start with a regular Facebook Business account. You can test out the types of posts that get the most traction, then spend extra money when you have a grasp on what performs well.

Paying for Google Ads

Ads for Mobile App


Google is one of the most visited websites in the world, and it’s by far the most popular search engine. In short, the ads are seen by everyone with an internet connection. Both display and text ads are offered through Google, giving you a bit of a variety. Although the targeting isn’t as advanced as Facebook, they do have pay per click advertising, so you only have to pay when a user clicks through the ad.


Results with Google Ads depend entirely on your target demographic, your type of business and the keywords you’re targeting. For example, one keyword might have way too much competition.

Since younger, tech-savvy users are more likely to skip ads, companies with this type of demographic usually have a harder time getting results.

That said, if you’re using the right keywords and you have the right business, Google Ads can bring in many leads.

Should You Use Google Ads for Your Mobile App Business?

Test it out. Play around with keywords and see if you can target some small businesses with owners who are more likely to click on your ads. You might just start bringing in a wave of clients with your ads.

Over to You…

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any experiences with these ad networks.


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