Examples of what schools, churches and nonprofits can do with a mobile app

One of the benefits of having an app reseller program and app building platform at iBuildApp is that we get to see all of the wonderful designs that come out every single month. So many of them are impressive and creative, and we like to showcase some of our favorites to give other designers a chance to find some inspiration.

As you’ll notice from some of our favorite new apps made with iBuildApp, a few of them were started with the help of templates, while others are more customized, with interesting features and custom tweaks.

So keep reading to see some of the most interesting apps that have come out recently. If you have created any new apps, feel free to share them with us.

Colour Placement in your new app

New Apps Made with iBuildApp

Here’s a new mobile app that highlights all sorts of products, courses and images from a site that’s all about guiding people in the hair cutting and salon industry. The homepage stands out rather nicely, with a beautiful model and just a few buttons that lead to the most important pages.

I like the gallery for its showcases and the quick call and contact buttons are sure to gain more customers through the app. They even have a stunning Videos page with tutorials and social sharing buttons directly on the mobile app.

220 Students from Avalon Church


This is a good example of what schools, churches and nonprofits can do with a mobile app. Most organizations like this need communication and scheduling tools. As you can see, the 220 Students app provides a calendar for the year that syncs with Google Calendar. They also have a Resources page with links to sermons, devotions and questions.

I enjoy the Q&A section since it’s clear they are trying to introduce new people to the organization. Not to mention, the homepage is consolidated to only include the most essential components for the club.

Max My Fitness Expert


We’ve shown the Max Fitness Expert app on our blog before, but it’s gone through a drastic redesign. The homepage creates a wonderful branding message, and you can see that the shopping cart is completely ready for users to buy fitness items and personal training lessons from the app. The Client Results page reveals videos from past clients, making for a unique way to show off testimonials.

The app also includes a wide range of other pages and features. For example, a user can go to the Team Discussion page to talk with other people, and the Events page is great for seeing when you can next signup for a class.

WeCare Indiana

New Apps Made with iBuildApp

The WeCare Indiana App serves as a contact resource for both internal and external use. For example, the organization clearly has multiple locations, so they have separate links for schedules and resources, all based on the locations.

Fleece Fitness

Apps with iBuildApp

Here’s another Fitness app with some solid elements. First of all, it has a direct button to a contact/question form, and the About Us page is rather personal, incorporating the trainer’s family into the mix.

The Hop and Hound

Some of Our Favorite Apps

We like the Hop and Hound mobile app for designers working on restaurant or bar designs. The homepage is simple, with two buttons and a few tabs towards the bottom. The company realizes that customers want to see what’s on tap along with news and events.

The homepage also provides a Call Now button for checking on reservations and a Loyalty Club page for those who are VIPs.

What Do You Think?

We hope you come out with some inspiration with these favorite new mobile apps. The goal of posts like this are to ensure that you’re constantly filled with fresh new ideas and encouraged to keep getting creative with your apps.

If you have any questions or would like to share your own app with the iBuildApp community, let us know in the comments below.


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How to make an app

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