How do I create a custom domain for my mobile site

To use your custom domain name with your mobile site, you have to upgrade to Basic, Business or Enterprise plan. Once you’ve upgraded to a premium plan, the custom domain feature will be enabled on both Publish and Dashboard pages.

Follow these steps to point your domain name to your mobile site:

  1. From your Publish or Dashboard page, click on the "Custom Domain Name" button:

  2. Enter your custom domain name and click "Save".

    If you don’t already have a domain name, you should buy it from your provider of choice (GoDaddy, Hover, Bluehost, 1and1, NetworkSolutions, CrazyDomains, etc)

  3. Configure your DNS: copy the parameter provided on the popup window, then visit your hosting provider and create a CNAME record for your domain.

    A Canonical Name or CNAME record is a type of DNS record that maps an alias name to a true or canonical domain name. CNAME records are typically used to map a subdomain such as www to the domain hosting that subdomain’s content. For example, a CNAME record can map the web address to the actual web site for the domain
    Here is the example of a valid CNAME record: | IN CNAME | parameter, where "" is your mobile site name.

    NOTE: If you are unsure how to manage your DNS settings, please contact your domain provider for help.

    When you’re finished, click ‘Done’ to proceed

  4. Wait while the system checks your domain name configuration. This may take up to 10 seconds.
  5. Once validated, your domain name will get connected to your mobile website.