How to setup Splash Screen

Splash Screen in mobile app is an image that appears while mobile app is loading.

All apps created via iBuildApp, have default Splash Screen in mobile app (blue abstract image for apps on premium plans, and image with iBuildApp’s logo for other apps). You may customize splash screen in mobile app on the App Design page.

NOTE: the Splash Screen customization feature is only available for apps on premium plans (Business, Enterprise)

On the App Design Page, expand the "Select a SplashScreen" section. You can either choose a pre-designed image, or upload your own image for 2 different screen types (iPhone 4 & iPhone 5):

Splash Screen in mobile app Splash Screen in mobile app

NOTE: The image dimension must be 1136 x 640 in pixels; otherwise it will be scaled and cropped to fit the size. File must be under 5MB.