Which video formats are supported?

We support the following video formats:

  • mpeg4 .H264 (iPhone and iPad);
  • mpeg4.H263 (Android devices);
  • 3gp;

You may also use your videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo servers.

Video widget

With video widget, you may add, edit or remove video tracks from the list, also rearrange tracks; you can allow sharing tracks via Facebook, Twitter and lifetime comments.

NOTE: to allow life-time messaging you should set up push notifications in your app.

Click "Add Track" button to add a video.

Video hosted on external server

If you have your video hosted on external server (Vimeo, YouTube, or any other hosting server), add a link for that video file.

  • Make sure that you files are in mpeg4.H264 (iphone), mpeg4.H263 (android) or 3gp format. Your files should have the ".mp4" or ".3gp" extension. If you do not know how to check your files extension, then you should refer to your OS documentation.
  • If your file isn’t an mpeg4.H264 (iphone), mpeg4.H263 (android) or 3gp then you need to convert it to mpeg4.H264 (iphone), mpeg4.H263 (android) or 3gp . There are plenty of special software and online services for converting video files from one format to another. is an example of the software. is an example of the online service.
  • No matters where you store your video files - on your site or using a hosting service - but it should be available directly and have public access.
    Example: https://www. your_site_name/you_folder/file_name.mp3
  • When choosing a hosting service, make sure it provides direct access to your files. These are the examples of file hosting services:

Video hosted with

If you want upload your video file on iBuildApp’s server, choose "Upload" option In the "Add video" popup window; locate your video file, enter video title and description. Then click "Save" button.

Supported formats: avi, 3gp, m4v, mov, wmv, mpeg, mp4; maximum file size - 20Mb.

Youtube Video

Go to site and open the video you would like to embed into your app. Hover the mouse over the video and right click on video frame to see a context menu. Select "Copy video URL":

Go back to, choose YouTube option In the "Add video" popup window; paste the link and click "Save" button.

Video details, including title and likes, will be shown within your app.

Vimeo video

Go to site and choose the video you would like to embed into your app. Click "Share" button (that appears when you hover your mouse over the video player) and copy the video url.

A screen will pop up and you can copy your video link.

Then go back to, choose Vimeo option In the "Add video" popup window; paste the link and click "Save" button.