What audio formats are supported?

We support two digital music formats:

  • MP3;
  • ACC.

There are three ways to embed your audio into your app:

  • Using files
    • Mp3 file (file_name.mp3)
  • Using streaming servers
    • SoundCloud;
    • Shoutcast (streaming in MP3 and ACC);
    • Icecast (streaming in MP3 and ACC);
  • Using playlists:
    • PLS (file_name.pls)
    • M3U (file_name.m3u)
    • M3U (file_name.m3u8)
    • XSPF (file_name.xspf)

Audio widget: customization

With Audio widget, you may setup cover image for your audio list. You can also allow your customers sharing tracks via Facebook & Twitter, and post comments.

NOTE: to activate the life-time messaging, you should set up push notification services in your app.

You can add, edit or delete audio tracks from your app using "Add", "Edit" or "Delete" icons.

In the popup window provide the track caption, link and description:

When uploading playlists from SoundCloud, all descriptions come together with tracks. You can edit them within iBuildApp system - with no changes on SoundCloud.

Audio Files

  • Make sure that you files are in MP3 format (your files should have the ".mp3" extension. If you're not sure how to check a file extension, please refer to your OS documentation).
  • If your file isn"t an MP3 then you need to convert it to .mp3.
    There are plenty of special software and online services for converting audio files from one format to another.
    • is an example of the software.
    • is an example of the online service.
  • Upload your file either on your own online server, or use any file hosting service.
    IMPORTANT: make sure your files are publically available (login and password are NOT required to access files);
  • When using a hosting service, make sure they provide direct access to your files.
  • These are examples of file hosting services:
  • To embed audio file into your app you should provide direct link to that file on your hosting server. "Direct link" means the link should point on that file directly. Your link should look as the following: https://www. your_site_name/you_folder/file_name.mp3

To embed .mp3 file into your app, click "Add Track" button and choose "MP3" option. Enter the link, a caption and description. Than click “Save” button:

Streaming Server

Streaming server is software for streaming media (audio) over the Internet. An example of the streaming server usage can be online radio:

The most popular streaming servers are as the following:

  • Shoutcast (streaming in MP3 and ACC)
  • Icecast (streaming in MP3 and ACC)
  • SoundCloud

iBuildApp supports all of them if they broadcast your music in MP3 or ACC format.

You can use broadcast services to host your audio files. Such services provide you with direct link to your audio file. Here are examples of such services:


If you are an advanced user you may create your own streaming server. For more info on streaming servers please refer to:


To embed the broadcasted audio to your app, you should provide the address of the streaming server and it should fit the following pattern:


To embed stream file into your app, click "Add Track" button and choose "Internet Radio" option. Enter the link, a caption and description. Than click "Save" button:

Play List

Playlist is a file that contains list of the audio files.

We support the following playlists:

  • PLS (file_name.pls)
  • M3U (file_name.m3u)
  • XSPF (file_name.xspf)
  • M3U8 (file_name.m3u8)

If you are an advanced user you can create a playlist yourself. An example of the software that you can use for creating playlists is Winamp. You can also create the list manually.

You can also use playlists provided by third party software. For example, you can obtain the playlist on the online radio site.

NOTE: All playlists should contain info about audio accessible through the Internet. Otherwise it will not work.

Your playlists should be available on the Internet. You can host the playlist files on your site or use any hosting service.

To use the playlist, provide a direct link to your audio file.

You link should fit the following pattern:

  • https://www. your_site_name/your_folder/playlist_name.pls
  • https://www. your_site_name/your_folder/playlist_name.m3u
  • https://www. your_site_name/your_folder/ playlist_name.xspf

To embed a playlist into your app, click "Add Track" button and choose “Internet Radio” option. Enter the link, a caption and description. Than click "Save" button:

SoundCloud Audio stream

If you want using audio tracks from your SoundCloud storage, select "Audio" widget as a page type.

  1. Click the "Add track" button and in the popup window then choose “SoundCloud” type and then click “Load Soundcloud Playlist”

    Note: you need to have an account on

  2. Depending on wherther or not you’re logged in, the SoundCloud login or Synchronization page will pop up. Fill out required info and click "Connect":
  3. Once synchronized, all audio sets and tracks from SoundCloud account became available on

    Note: If you make any changes on you have to synchronize it with iBuildapp again.

  4. You can make certain tracks and sets hidden using appropriate controls. Hidden tracks will not be shown in your app.

    Note: administering your track list from will not affect your SoundCloud’s list.

  5. Make sure that your tracks are available for synchronization with iBuildApp by checking the following options on

    Otherwise you may see a track disabled, as shown below: