Directory widget allows to organize items in categories.

Choose "Directory" widget from "Change page type" popup:

Customize the layout: grid or list view:

If you want to use pricing with your catalog, check the Pricing control and choose currency:

To start your listing, click "Add Item" button:

Enter the title, upload image, type description and click "Save" button:

First item will be automatically added to New_Category category. Go ahead and change that category’s name and upload an image, unless you want one-level listing (with no categories).

To add an item into a category, click "Add Item" to the right on the category name:

Add as many items as needed.

Click "Add Category" button to add a new category:

To change category name, click on pencil icon next to the name.

To change Category icon, click on the image placeholder with arrow icon. It will come up with file browser window - locate an image file you’d like to use for your app icon and click "Open".

Crop the image in the popup window and click "Save" button to save or "Cancel" to cancel image change:

To add an item with in the category click "Add Item":

To delete the category click the "Delete" control: