Getting your store known through an app is only the first step for many businesses. Last time we talked about creating custom templates, which allow you to make the basic structure of your apps efficiently, today we will create a map to your location. Getting people to your offices or store front obviously has its advantages. What more people coming into your store means is more customers on your premises.

If you followed along with the template tutorial, you already know the way to begin creating an app. This time, we will create an application. Create a new application, pick whether you want a phone or a tablet application, give it a name and then follow the first three steps on your own. The final step – the one for content, is where we want to begin.

Click on "Add Page" on the left side of the screen to get started. You can add a dozen of different types of pages.

You will be taken to the editing page immediately. Select "Change Page Type".

It may be hard to find with the number of options available, but the maps widget is the last option on the right.

From here, you can add a number of pins to your map, label them in an informative way and point your customers to the right direction.

With this level of details in their hands, your customer will be able to find you without an issue. They will know where to find you. The rest of your application should prepare them for what they will find in your store.