Shopping Cart

If you would like to sell any goods via the app, our Mobile Shopping cart can help you in this. Your users can create orders and send those to the email you specify.

Insert Mobile Shopping Cart into your app by selecting it from change widget popup.

You need to set up your shopping cart first. Choose the currency, enter the email you’ll be getting email on and then click on the "Configure Mobile Shopping Cart" link:

mobile shopping cart

NOTE: if you enter wrong email you won’t get any orders from your users.

There are 3 tabs in the popup:

  • Customer Entries - before a user makes an order, they have to provide their contact info. You can choose what information you need your customer to provide (name, email, phone number, shipping adress).

    To activate any of the fields check the box on the left. If you need to change or traslate a field name click "Edit" on the right.

  • mobile shopping cart
  • Confirmation Text - when a user submits their order they will receive a confirmation message via text message. This message will contain the order number and status of the order. Enter your own text if you need to provide your users with any extra info or you need translation, or just leave it as is.

    NOTE: order numbers can’t be customized. It starts with 1 and grows with each order.

  • mobile shopping cart
  • Confirmation Email - each order should be confirmed with an email. Create your own confirmation email.

  • mobile shopping cart

The next step is to add your items. Click "Add Category" to create new category in your list:

mobile shopping cart

Enter your category name and provide the image, then click "Save" button:

mobile shopping cart

To edit any category name and image click "Edit" on the right of the category picture. To delete category click "Delete" on the right:

mobile shopping cart

To add new items to a category, click "+Add item".

mobile shopping cart

In the popup provide your item info:

  • Item name
  • Price
  • Unit - pieces, gramms, kilos etc.
  • SKU - unique item identifire that helps you to find the item in your data base
  • Description
  • Image

and click "Save" button.

mobile shopping cart

That’s it. Now you are ready to sell your goods.