Table Reservation

The widget allows you to provide your users with an opportunity to reserve tables in your Bar or Restaurant.

How can I embed this module into my app?

Choose "Table Reservation" widget from "Change page type" popup:

Locate the "Create Profile" button and click it to create your Restaurant profile:

Fill in the fields in the popup window and click "Save" button to save changes or "Cancel" to cancel. Note that:

When you are ready with your Profile you can choose your colour scheme.

How can I manage my reservations?

All the reservations made are listed on your Dashboard. Each reservation comes with:

  • Reservation Date
  • Guests quantity
  • Guest name
  • Reservation Status
  • Details

Use filters above the table to search reservations. By default the filter is setted to "Today". Click "Tomorrow" or "All" control to view upcoming reservations. Click "Week", "Month", "3 Months" or "Year" to view reservations history.

To change reservation status use the "Status" drop down list on right.