What's the benefit?

You need a mobile app, if you are:

  • Businesses interested in engaging customers to promote business, improving mobile marketing, m-Commerce
  • Mobile Developers who want to create social, publishing, music, LBS, e-commerce components for their apps, lower barriers to creating mobile apps.
  • Media and Advertising Agencies interested in keeping customers updated using advertising, social networking, real time analytics, and promotions.
  • Publishers needed digital channels to publish their magazines, newspapers and get customer interaction.


  • Free. Mobile app development is expensive - very expensive. iBuildApp service is free.
  • Real-Time Update. You can easily make changes and improvements to your iBuildApp app in real-time. This is not the case with most apps in the App Store.
  • Marketing. Promote your event, videos, tweets, news, photos, music, your company services.
  • Fun. Building your own mobile app is fun.

iBuildApp service allows anyone to build their own mobile app without programming skills or special software. If you have a mobile app for your friends, customers or public you can build your personal app to promote any product, service, or personal brand.

Build a mobile app with iBuildApp and promote your idea or service instantly.