Target More Customers With Our Updated Push Notifications

Have you ever used Updated Push Notifications to improve the amount of people who open up your mobile app?

It’s tough to convince people to download and keep your app on their phones. Even if people do leave your app on their phones there’s a good chance they forget about it. Push notifications are your salvation when it comes to customer retention for your mobile apps. Similar to texts, they boast high open rates and ensure that customers are engaging with your business far into the future.

At iBuildApp, we have always shared news and tips about the benefits of push notifications, and now we have made some crucial updates to make it easier for you and your business to reach out and target market your customers with push notifications.

Updated Push Notifications

What Are the info You’ll Find With the Updated Push Notifications?

Target Updated Push Notifications Based on Operating System, and Customize Your Message

Updated Push Notifications

Are you only interested in sending out a message to iPhone or Android users? These Updated Push Notifications help you further target your messages by only choosing iPhones or Android phones.

You also have a chance to fully customize your message that goes out to your customers. This feature was always included in push notifications, but it fits in nicely with the update. Change every single message that goes out, and include links to wherever you want people to get navigated to.

Add An In-App Landing Page To Push People To Your Own App

Updated Push Notifications

You have various options to choose from when it comes to the link you want people to get redirected to when they click a push notification. Your website is probably a popular option, or you might redirect people to a survey or coupon page. With the new iBuildApp push notification upgrade your customers are able to click on the push notification and go to a landing page.

This is pretty cool because you can choose a prebuilt landing page or upload your own images. Create an intriguing title, description and select which app page you want to add the link to. For example, if you plan on sending out a special or promotion you can add the link to your current Coupons page. You have other options to choose from such as Fan Wall, Events, Reservations and more.

GPS Updated Push Notifications for the Ultimate Tracking and Marketing Plan

Updated Push Notifications

You hear it all the time: Smartphones are like little tracking devices that everyone carries around. Some people are uncomfortable with this idea, but most accept it. Take advantage of this market change by using a new feature through our push notification system called GPS Notifications. This features lets you designate a particular location on a map and outline it. When a customer drives or walks into this area they receive a notification.

For example, let’s say you run a hot dog stand in Chicago. You probably cater to a wide range of customers who find you by foot or go a little out of their way to grab a hot dog. In general you receive most of your business from people in the area. If someone crosses into your borders you can automatically send them a buy one get one free coupon or even just remind them to grab the best lunch in town, and remind them of the location. This feature is similar to a dog collar. You set the boundaries and the device is alerted when someone crosses the border.

GPS notifications also work nicely if you only want to reach out to people in a particular area. Let’s take a band for example. Your fans aren’t moving around into different locations, so you can’t send out automatically triggered Updated Push Notifications.

What you can do is send out notifications based on current locations. So if your band is having a show in Boston next week then you can send out a reminder to everyone with your app in Boston. The next week you can send out Updated Push Notifications to the next city.

Let us know in the comments section how you feel about these new mobile app push notification updates. Are you planning on taking advantage of these features? Have you always used push notifications for your app? Tell us about your experiences below and how you plan on using the new features for your business.