Why You Should Keep Updating Your Mobile App

Whether you are a mobile app developer or simply a business owner looking to spread the word about your company, mobile app updates are an essential part of keeping your users and maintaining a sense that your business has not already gone under. This is the reason why you need to keep Updating Your Mobile App

Updating Your Mobile App

In this crazy mobile world you have to compete with millions of other mobile apps, some of which are in your industry and others that just create clutter for those interested in your app on the app stores.

Let’s take a look at why updating your mobile app is one of the best things for your mobile presence.

People Are More Likely to Keep Your App and Check In With Your Business if you keep Updating Your Mobile App

The main reason you need to consistently keep Updating Your Mobile App is because it gives customers a reason to check in and understand what is going on with your business. If you run an auto repair shop, what are the chances that someone opens up your app if you never send them promotions or recent news about your company?

When you update your app you can always send out a push notification to show new features or explain how the app has become more user friendly for your customers. If someone downloads your app and notices that the design looks flawed, your buttons don’t work and the events page hasn’t been updated in three months, what is the point of them keeping the app?

To Change Outdated Pages, Events and More, again keep Updating Your Mobile App

Changing events, calendars and news pages is one of the more tedious tasks that comes along with managing a web page or mobile app. You want to stock your shelves and worry about fulfilling orders for customers, not make sure that the upcoming events calendar is working properly. This is the reason why you need to keep Updating Your Mobile App

This is where systems like iBuildApp come into play. There’s no reason a small business owner should have to worry about modifying a calendar in two places. That’s why there is a Google Calendar feature that allows you to sync your schedule with a mobile app. Once you modify something on your computer it immediately gets pushed to the app to keep customers informed with your current events.

You can even include RSS feeds to maintain a consistent blog, along with social media feeds to help customers remain in your app and interact more often. The only area that isn’t automated is the actual pages and buttons inside your app. If something looks outdated or a link is broken, it’s your responsibility to change it. That’s why having a weekly or monthly mobile app update schedule helps to check in with the app and see if it is offering the best user experience possible.

It Makes Your Company Look Active and Successful, if you keep Updating Your Mobile App

Users can see when the last time it was that you updated your app when they go into the Google Play or Apple Store. This point ties into company websites. If your website looks like it is from the 90s, you can’t expect anyone to take you seriously. The same goes for your mobile apps. If a user sees your design is ancient or you haven’t updated it in a while it makes your company look stagnant. This brings up questions like, “Is the company still in business?” or “If they can’t manage their mobile app, are they really all that successful?”. So, this is not a question whether you need to keep Updating Your Mobile App

It Gives You a Chance to Reevaluate Your Mobile Strategy and Think About Building Your Customer Base

With the iBuildApp visitor statistics your company can understand how much of an impact the mobile app is having on bringing in new and repeat customers. Keep Updating Your Mobile App and it might not be your favorite thing to do, but scheduling a time for updates gives you a chance to figure out what is going well and what isn’t within your mobile app.

You can think about what changes need to be made in order to push people towards your sales pages. In a sense, updating your app serves as a time to brainstorm new ideas and ask other people in your company what they like and dislike about the app.

Let us know in the comments section if you update your app frequently to keep people in the loop with news and events. Do you ever switch around the mobile app interface or modify the graphics within your app? If not, let us know why you think you should keep Updating Your Mobile App.