iPhone, iPad and Android Application Development

To help you develop new applications and make full usage of the latest iPhone technologies you need a partner with mobile experience and skills. We specialize in iPhone Mobile development with experience developing solutions for all Industries. Our team of experts specialize in mobile application development and have over 8 years of Mobile experience developing applications and games for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. We are Silicon Valley-based Company and we can have your iPhone application developed and published on Apple Store within 2-3 weeks once we started.

We offer the following iPhone solutions:

Collaboration solutions
News Broadcasting

iPhone messaging allows you to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. Organize chat rooms, arrange conference calls, and manage e-mails and SMS from your iPhone device.

Let your members create own communities for collaboration and engagement. Users with common interests can join the groups as members

News applications are consisted from RSS readers, blogs, Video/Audio Broadcasting, Corporate news to stay informed without visiting tons of sites.
iPhone e-commerce
Social Networking
Expand your business with the iPhone community and reach one of the biggest mobile markets in a short time! Organize your own social network, search for friends, invite people you like, track their position using GPS, and share your interests, pictures, videos.
Post your events and invite friends.

iPhone development for Industries

SolveITLabs have strong expertise in developing iPhone applications in the following industries:
  • iPhone game development for the entertainment industry
  • iPhone development for social networking companies
  • iPhone development for Internet sites
  • iPhone applications for health care solution providers
  • iPhone programs for e-learning/quize/education providers
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