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iBuildApp support Zoho Mail, CRM, Creator to build mobile apps for business.

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Zoho Creator allows building custom solutions for business using intuitive drag and drop interface. Zoho Creator, a simple custom app builder, helps you create custom apps for sales and marketing needs. Businesses can set workflows and business rules, analyze data, generate reports, and collaborate efficiently. Zoho Creator allows building quickly database powered apps by drag-and-drop or add logic with coding. You can define rules for processing data, automate recurring actions, schedule tasks, and receive reminders and notifications. Zoho Creator allows creating reports from customer data

Zoho Mail is the Ad-FREE business Email Hosting that is integrated with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks apps. Zoho Mail app for Android and iPhone is free for up to 50 users.

Zoho CRM App is an online CRM software for managing sales and marketing for businesses.

iBuildApp App Creator is a very easy to use mobile app creation, hosting and management platform. The platform allows businesses to create and publish iPhone and Android app in a matter of minutes. The web interface is solution-based with widgets for location/contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter/Facebook etc. The design and widgets marketplace offers graphic designers and developers a place to sell mobile templates and custom modules for businesses and individuals to drag ‘n’ drop right into their app.

Some app creators are expensive, but with services like iBuildApp you can make business app at no cost and in 5 minutes!

Let’s take a look at some of the cooler logos we have encountered in the iBuildApp App Maker store so that you can grab some inspiration.

Sio Café app supporting Zoho Mail, CRM, App Creator

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This gem seems to pop up quite a bit in our articles because they do a good job with building a mobile app interface that pushes people to the right content. The Sio Cafe logo is rather appropriate because it is representing a somewhat fun, yet regal restaurant and disco, so they need to show that people can have fun while feeling classy when they come in.

Square Magazine powered by iBuildApp similar to Zoho Mail, CRM, App Creator

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Square magazine App is one of my favorite logos because it blends perfectly with the background and it fits well with the buttons that go down throughout the homepage. It’s a good idea to think about the colors on your logo so that you can make the buttons on your app similar or the same.

Square App also a modern and fun design to get you wondering what the magazine is all about.

Churches by Daniels Construction powered by iBuildApp similar to Zoho Mail, CRM, App Creator

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Churches by Daniels Construction App does just what it needs to do with the logo: It stands out. With a sleek design and outstanding red gradients you can pretty much place this logo on any background.

It doesn’t exactly stand alone, but when you put a nice photo of a church on the homepage you can instantly see what the company does and decide whether or not you want to hire them.

Villain Art Supplies powered by iBuildApp similar to Zoho Mail, CRM, Zoho Creator

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Villain Art Supplies App has a logo that works perfectly with its brand, since it’s all about creativity and being a little spunky to make your ideas come out.

You can see in the background that they have alien mascots, and the crazy red logo design goes with this theme nicely.

The Heartbeat Bill Ohio powered by iBuildApp similar to Zoho Mail, CRM, Creator


I like this design because it has a country look to it, and you can see that it tells you something about a certain culture. The company is all about prayer and promoting a bill that is being passed in Ohio. It ties in nicely with the theme and helps you understand what the movement is all about.

Wired 96.5 Fest powered by iBuildApp that is similar to Zoho creator

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Music festivals often have the coolest logos and this one is no exception, with a bright pink cityscape that blends right into the words that describe the event itself.

You can also see that this logo would fit well in many situations, which is essential during your logo design phase. Sure, it’s nice to have a logo that fits well in your mobile app, but you also want it to look nice on your website and other marketing materials.

SFUAD Campus Life powered by iBuildApp similar to Zoho Mail, CRM, Creator

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This app is also powered by iBuildApp app creator for the Sante Fe University of Art and Design, and you can immediately tell that the logo is marketing something creative. It goes nicely with the other colors that are on the page, and the simplicity is rather intriguing.

I would try to make the buttons a little more visible on this app, but overall the logo stands out as a true representation of the school itself.

Weren’t those logos pretty cool? Feel free to post a link to your logo in the comments section below, or ask us any questions you might have about designing a viable logo or finding someone who can make one for you. We look forward to your responses at iBuildApp App Maker.