Around 40 percent of all online buyers make a purchase because they were influenced by some sort of promotion like GoDaddy promo code and renewal coupon. Mobile commerce is no different, since you have a chance to reach customers before they even open your mobile app. Think about that time you attended a conference to discover a new hair care product and immediately went online afterwards to purchase it. How about when you are sitting at home and see a mouth watering burger on the TV screen that pushes you to drive to your local burger joint.

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Promotions and discounts still have a place in this world, and when you pair it with a nicely designed mobile commerce app you boost brand recognition and push more people to your sales pages with promotions such as godaddy promo code and renewal coupon.

Promoting product or service with godaddy promo code and renewal coupon according to research, helps to increase sales dramatically.

Learn how to develop offline marketing tactics to push more people to your mobile app.

Hold Classes to Teach People How to Use Your Product with promotions such as godaddy promo code and renewal coupon

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Let’s say you sell personal fitness videos through your mobile app. A nice way to promote these videos is to hold free classes to give people a taste of what the courses provide with godaddy promo code. Even if you sell in-person training sessions you can use the mobile app to book sessions or sell time slots. Push people through your doors with free training and classes so that they understand how your business works prior to purchasing something on your mobile app.

If you sell outdoor adventure gear, develop a free class to demonstrate the different products on the market and how to use them when people go out for a rock climb or bike trip. Once they get a hands-on look at your products they feel more comfortable opening your app and purchasing something that they have tested. Think about how Best Buy pretty much works as a showroom for Amazon. People still want to see products in person, so why not create a showroom offline and then sell your products through the app?

Add a Mention in Your Customer Service Attempts with godaddy promo code and renewal coupon

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When you sell products and services through a mobile app customer service is vital for the success of your business. People are going to send you emails or call in to ask about the products and figure out what options are right for them. With these many offline interactions your customer service team needs to naturally share the mobile app with customers.

If a customer calls in to ask where your gardening shop is located, tell them to download the app in the future so they always have a map with directions. You can also mention that many of your products are sold through the app, pushing them to purchase items from their phones with promotions such as godaddy promo code.

Turn Your Staff Into a Promotions Army with promotions such as godaddy promo code and renewal coupon

Your staff has an opportunity to market your mobile app through customer service, but they also need ways to promote the app while on the move. Chances are you plan on sending staff members (or yourself) to conferences, trade shows and other events. Employees love swag, so give them some cool stuff such as shirts, pens, coasters and more. Get creative with these items so that the employees hand out the promotional materials in order to push more people to your app.

For example, a coaster is a great way to get your logo in front of your customers, but what if you added a QR code on the coasters to help customers scan the code and download your app?

Make It Easy to Access Your App At Social Events with promotions such as godaddy promo code and renewal coupon

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Promotional materials work nicely for customers who simply want to grab a freebie and go, but what about those who are really interested in what you have to say? Are you prepared for those potential super-customers?

A mobile app isn’t always the most convenient thing to download when you’re walking around at a tradeshow and trying to see as much as you can. That’s why you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to download the app.

Include banners with large QR codes for folks to scan and download the app. Setup a computer or tablet station that accepts people’s email addresses and immediately sends them a link to download the app. This gives them time to view the app at their own convenience and you acquire their email address as well. Use promotions such as godaddy promo code to get more customers.

Let us know in the comments section below if you use any of these Marketing Tactics for Mobile App. Share any other techniques to get the word out about your mobile app by simply talking to people face-to-face.