iBuildApp has more than 150,000 small businesses!

You might already notice this on our community page. We’ve been posting notes about it for the last week. And we are actually quite a bit over 150,000 small businesses that signed in and created apps using iBuildApp. We Wanted to stop and announce this important milestone

In fact we just had 50% growth memeber base in the last 4 months. We had 100 000 businesses in March and it’s 150 000 now!

Thank you.


The iBuildApp Team!



thats very nice!!! BUT it would be nicer if you guys modify ,those prices on the pay pkg..DEALS… I know that this is your business ,but We the members are the ones to build the apps,,so suggestion. give us a break and cut those prices in half .I wouldn’t mind to pay half..for like the basic plan..remember this is not a one time fee, …please take this into consideration…I bet alot of us think.. You Not Being fair..THANKS


juan, thanks for suggestion. we will be doing pricing review later in this year. we just introduced the subscription about a month ago and we believe our pricing as far as of now is the best on the market.


great , yes the price is the best on the market , but I pay for one year and I need to add the ecommerce in my app since more than tow weeks and the ibuildapp developer could not fix the error.


sure, cancel the subscription and go to the working solution from another competitor.
I am not aware about not working modules, but may be you are right. I don’t monitor all tickets.

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