Custom Mobile Application Development for Enterprise and Businesses

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Custom Mobile Application Development

For over 8 years, iBuildApp has helped Fortune 1000 companies such as Protective Life Insurance, AllScripts, Intercontinental Hotel Group, France Telecom, Nielsen Media, Sony, Quest Software (DELL now) and others significantly reduce their custom application development costs and increase time to market.

Custom App Development Services

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iBuildApp works closely with its enterprise and medium size customers around the globe to design and develop highly scalable mobile applications to improve time to market and increased resource flexibility. Over the last 8 years we have developed our own custom applications practice and able to suggest our customers the right solution and technology. Our custom application developers have a very deep domain expertise to provide our customers with tailored solutions aligned with their needs.

Our company specialize in custom mobile application development and have over 8 years of industry experience developing solutions for enterprise. We gave more high profile customers in mobile space than any other mobile framework.

We offer Mobility Solutions and Custom App Development Services

Enterprise App store distribution

Your corporate apps are the entrance to your company world and your customers should know you through your mobile apps.
Your Corporate App Store is the entrance to your company world and your customers should know you through your enterprise mobile apps. If your apps are buggy, slow and non-responsive, then that is how your customers perceive your company service and product.

MAM and MDM solutions on top of iBuildApp platform

After developing hundreds of custom mobile apps for our enterprise customers, we created a platform to help our customers develop, publish and manage their own mobile appss.

Apple Enterprise development
(iPhone and iPad)

Our development team capabilities help our customers around the world manage the entire application life cycle from making the applications available in the enterprise app storefront, securing applications on the device. We have customers such as WholeFood, Unilever, US State Department, UCLA, Minnesota State and other businesses and organizations (over 2M of them)

Android Enterprise
(Android for Work)

The iBuildApp mobile app development platform is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading way to create, manage and publish Android apps for enterprise. Android’s work features create a separation of business apps from your personal apps. In this case your employees can use their own Android phone for both work and personal life.

Our experience in iPhone and Android app development

iBuildApp company has strong expertise
developing custom iPhone and Android applications:

Mobile Solutions development for the entertainment industry

Enterprise Solutions development for social networking

Corporate Mobile development for employee productivity management

iBuildApp company has custom corporate app development expertise

  • GPS geo fences
  • Push notification and promotions
  • Corporate mobility solutions
  • Android and iPhone development
  • BYOD and MAM (Mobile Application Management)
  • Audio & Video Streaming

Corporate Mobile Solutions

  • MAM and MDM
  • Enterprise App Store development
  • Content Security
  • LBS (Location Based Services)
  • BYOD (bring your own device)
  • GPS positioning/location
  • Your server integration
  • Forms, Reports and Web Services

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