How to make an app
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Custom template for your iPhone/Android apps: As you know a custom template is usually expensive. Especially by keeping in mind that iBuildApp services are free. A completely custom iPhone/Android template costs between 2-10K. Also to integrate it into iBuildApp system can cost you another few thousand dollars so you can host your mobile app content in our free web content management system. Why use custom template? It will allow you to sell more, stand out from the crowd.. Where developing iPhone apps can typically cost upward of $10,000 and take weeks or months to build, our service delivers a quality app in minutes. Creating a custom app or adding a customized gadget ups the price significantly, but it is still likely to be cheaper than hiring a developer, and you get a better app. If this of interest for you, please fill out the Contact US Form and we will get back to you quickly to get started!