Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Enterprise Mobile Apps

iBuildApp app builder can help to build enterprise apps that:

  • manage user access based on their role
  • have enterprise level data security
  • have back ups and roll back functionality
  • have content sharing
  • have multimedia for sales and marketing
  • connected to the cloud and secure access to data
  • provide maps and geo location services

Build Enterprise Apps to increase employee productivity, use big data on the go, and improve business processes for greater efficiency. Enterprise mobility is not optional anymore but a "must have" for enterprise. For example to increase worker productivity you can use mobile solutions from iBuildApp because of it’s instant nature. Introducing enterprise mobile apps will result in increased sales, better communication with vendors and customers, less operational expenses.
Moreover, connecting enterprise mobile apps with data analytics may help to get bigger gains instantly. Enterprises that build apps will provide their employees with real-time data into the business processes, and the ability to analyze access this data instantly.

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White Label Resellers

  • Content Distribution
  • Smart TVs
  • Photo Sharing
  • Connected Home
  • eBooks & Tablets

All Reseller Plans Include:

  • App building tool
  • Dedicated database
  • Custom branding
  • Admin tool
  • Analytics
  • Template management
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