Sales Reporting App

Sales Reporting App

Sales reporting app for team management and sales automation

Your company Sales Reporting App allows your sales team to customize the app for their business, close deals faster and from anywhere, deliver customer service immediately, and use marketing features to turn consumers into customers. Turn more prospects into customers with a sales reporting app.


Monthly sales data
sales data
Chart of monthly sales by type
Chart of monthly
sales by type

– Collects monthly sales data for a set of products

– Produce a chart of monthly sales by type

– Monthly performance Report by product

– Overall sales performance Report by month

How to make Sales Reporting App

The Sales Reporting App software from iBuildApp created for sales automation management to keep track of sales items by using Excel Google Sheets as the source.

Manage inside and field sales team and see their performance reports on the go by creating your company app.

Use Google Sheets as the source where your Sales Reports Management App is for report viewing and the spreadsheet does the data analysis job. Sync your app with Google spreadsheets instantly!

Add formulas to Excel Google Sheet that will automatically calculate reports

1. Each row of the spreadsheet is a separate product. The rest of the columns in spreadsheet are calendar months where sales volume data is included. Sales team and management can see the total yearly report.

2. Add charts by going to Advanced Editor>UX>Controls and added a new Chart view. We selected the columns to map, making sure that the columns had numeric data.

3. Add formula to the Total column that will automatically calculate all of the values of 1 year’s sales for each item. Yo can see it in the Data>Column Structure tab.

4. Add a view control with type Dashboard that gets the three Chart views from step 2.

Sales Reporting