12 Low Cost Small Business ideas – Start a Mobile App Company

Upon building a mobile app you may already have Small Business Ideas. Many folks have been running a successful business for years, and now they want to Start a Mobile App to expand their small business.

Both routes are just fine, but what about those who want to build small business based primarily on that mobile app? Imagine designing a unique pair of sneakers, and launching your small business idea through a mobile app. Obviously you’ll also try to build a website, get on social sites and market elsewhere, but let’s say your primary focus is selling through mobile devices.

It’s rather easy nowadays, since all you have to do is grab a template, implement a shopping cart and post your products.

That’s the glory of online and mobile small business, since the costs are getting lower and lower, allowing for just about anyone to take advantage.

small business ideas

If you don’t already have an idea for your small business to sell through a mobile app, this is the article for you. Keep reading to learn about several low cost Small Business Ideas you can start through a mobile app.

Small Business Ideas: Web Design and Development

Small Business Ideas

One of the lowest cost Small Business Ideas you can start is a web design company. Begin freelancing and send your mobile app portfolio with galleries of your past work. The cool part is that a mobile app portfolio is great for linking to actual work and even building your own app to show off your development skills.

Small Business Ideas: Furniture Restoration

Here’s a niche that requires minimal overhead. It’s a wonderful way to bring in some money while working on something you enjoy. Social media such as Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful helpers with furniture businesses, so once you integrate those with your mobile app and start getting the word out about your small business, plenty of people will look at their older furniture and want it restored.

Small Business Ideas: Photography Studio

Small Business Ideas

Plenty of photo studios exist, and it’s probably because they don’t cost that much money to start. However, it’s important to find a niche in the photography small business so that you stand out and make some money. For example, pet photographers are more likely to find a place in the market compared to the all too popular wedding photographers.

Small Business Ideas: Custom Shoe Art

If you love shoes, why not grab some older sneakers and try to design something that you could actually sell? The costs aren’t that high if you’re just starting with custom orders, and a mobile app from iBuildApp has a shopping cart for you to upload photos and sell your shoes.

Small Business Ideas: Baked Goods

This small business idea behind selling baked goods through a mobile app is standing out. You already have the skills and the materials to make anything from cupcakes to brownies, and a small kitchen is all you need to get started. However, a niche is required, so try to figure out a way that separates yourself from the fierce competition. Are your baked goods gluten free? Are they organic? Are they designed to look like something peculiar?

Small Business Ideas: Bicycle Repair

Small Business Ideas

Anyone can buy a few tools and bike part replacements, and lucky for you, anyone can also build a mobile app to keep in contact with your biking clients. The best part about a bike repair business is that most riders don’t know when they will need to fix a flat or tighten up their brakes. Therefore, a click to call button or map area is essential for this low cost small business idea.

Small Business Ideas: Lawn and Garden Care

Small Business Ideas

Do you own a trimmer, lawn mower and edger? You’ve got the basics for selling your lawn care services. The cool part of a small business like this is that the mobile app is your best friend. If someone needs an emergency grass cutting, they can simply open up your app and give you a call or book a time for you to come out.

Moving Company business idea

A large scale moving company isn’t exactly low cost, but a one or two truck small business is certainly viable. Not to mention, a simple booking page and one-click call button is the perfect way for people to give you a call when they need to move out of their apartment at the last minute.

Over to You…

Now it’s your turn to contribute. Let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for other low cost Small Business Ideas you can start through a mobile app.