5 Questions Your Mobile App Homepage Must Answer

If your mobile app had a human form, the homepage would be its face. This is the area that people notice first, and whether you like it or not, it’s how people make their first judgement about your mobile app homepage.

Since 26 percent of mobile apps are used just a single time, that first impression is so very crucial for telling your customer that you are worthwhile.

A super creative mobile homepage is a tasking challenge, but even designing something pretty or quirky isn’t always going to get the job done. Your homepage must answer several important questions to turn your visitors into engaged customers.

That said, let’s take a look at five questions your mobile app homepage must answer.

Who Are You in Your Mobile App?

Your Mobile App

The second a user lands on your mobile homepage this question runs through their head. If it isn’t answered in the first few seconds they may just leave without even thinking twice. Sure, they can also leave if you answer the question, but that’s because you informed them about something they may not be interested in right now.

Every mobile homepage needs a logo right at the top. A logo that explains exactly what you do. Your portfolio or whatever products you sell need clear exposure on the homepage, and the best way to do this is to clean up the homepage as best you can, focusing user eyes on just a single image and text piece that explains it all.

What is it You Do for Your Mobile App?

Your Mobile App

Ok, you’ve established with the visitor who you are, but this is rather general considering you may cover some niches as opposed to others.

For example, you may run a hair salon, but do you serve both men and women? What types of treatments do you provide and can customers buy hair products in the salon after getting their hair done?

The same goes for a photographer. Are you a wedding photographer or actor headshot photographer?

What Types of Information Can I Find on This App?

Your Mobile App

This is the true selling point for any app, and it needs clear explanation on the homepage. It depends on your type of business, but what are your customers looking for in a mobile app? Are they interesting in finding your store locations?

Do you sell items through an mCommerce module? Is there a way for customers to receive monthly coupons through push notifications?

Slip this information in the homepage with overlapping text in your background. You can also include properly titled tabs and buttons to immediately show what your app contains.

What Sets Your Mobile App Apart from the Rest?

Your Mobile App

This is where your brand comes into play. You may have a decent app, but would someone actually turn to another person they know and rave to this person that they need to download your app right now?

The entire combination of fonts, colors, superior images and a nice navigation structure brings together your app to show that your brand is worthwhile in the mobile space. In terms of your homepage, it all starts here. Is your homepage cluttered and amatuer looking?

Does the homepage even have a logo with matching text and colors throughout the app, or did you simply grab the first template you saw and decide that this was good enough for your brand?

Where Should I Go Next After Your Homepage?

Your Mobile App

The final question is what makes you money! It’s fun to look at a new app, but where, as a customer, should I go next? Do you want your users to call your restaurant to make a reservation? Is there a cool store where users can buy t-shirts and other interesting apparel?

The key to answering this question is combining clear, clean buttons and call to actions. In short, you basically tell people where they should go next, or they’ll just close the app and move on with their life.

If you have more thoughts about which questions your mobile app homepage should answer, check out our dos and don’ts article for every mobile homepage. After that, let us know in the comments section if you have any questions. The best way to get started building your mobile app homepage is by grabbing a mobile app template from iBuildApp. Let us know if you need help getting started.