Check Out Why Christian American School of Guatemala, Hampden Charter School of Science East, Summer School Utrecht M18 need educational Apps

Check Out Why Christian American School of Guatemala, Hampden Charter School of Science East, Summer School Utrecht M18 need educational Apps

The popularity of smart mobile devices has been skyrocketing in recent years. These digital devices are part of a new generation of technological tools that boldly offer remarkable access to content and promote creativity, even towards young children.

Unsurprisingly, the e-learning industry has grown progressively in the past two decades. According to Statista, the market is expected to surpass $243 billion by 2022. Moreover, going by app volume, education is currently the largest category on the Google Play Store and the third-largest on the Apple App Store. With better approachability and enhanced educational apps that cater to people of all ages, this trend is bound to continue in the long run.

As an educator, therefore, you have no choice but to embrace mobile technology. The good news is that building an app that is specifically tailored to an institution’s needs and preferences is not nearly as complicated as it was a few years ago. For the Christian American School of Guatemala, Hampden Charter School of Science East, and Summer School Utrecht, the iBuildApp platform is all they needed to get their simple, intuitive and beautiful apps off the ground without much cost or technical expertise.

Read on to find out how these three organizations are reaping the benefits of their mobile applications and how you can get in on the bandwagon as well.

Why does your education center need a mobile app? Take it from former iBuildApp Users

Whether you operate a public school, online learning website, EdTech company, or beyond, you stand to benefit massively from a proper smartphone application. Today, over half of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices, most of which are owned by the millennial generation. As an educator, you must take full advantage of the tools with which school goers spend the most time.

The Christian American School of Guatemala App – The complete package

When designing a school app, it is easy to focus purely on academics and forget about the larger pool of elements that make up quality education. The most successful apps excel at delivering information while offering a straightforward, interactive, and personalized experience. They are also designed with the collective needs of teachers, parents, and students in mind.

The Christian American School of Guatemala was determined not to leave anything out of their app. The iBuildApp design that the school chose comes with a beautiful, easy to navigate interface that conveniently outlines all sections of the app on the landing page. With a single touch on their smartphone screens, interested parties can access the school’s robust “About Us” page, school policies, individual teachers’ profiles, contacts, and emergency notifications. Students can also view their class schedules and daily lunch menu, along with the current year’s events calendar directly on the app.

Mobile App

Moreover, the app includes a “News” section to keep the American School community abreast of current affairs. This feature is particularly coming in handy in the wake of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Schools are increasingly embracing social media as an effective engagement tool. Most of your students undoubtedly have dedicated social media applications on their phones. However, one of the benefits of a school app can be to make it easier for users to access your social media accounts. It is for this reason that the Christian American School of Guatemala opted to have their Facebook and Instagram channels linked to their mobile app. With iBuildApp, social media integration was a breeze.

Hampden Charter School of Science East App – Keeping in touch with their Students

The Christian American School of Guatemala’s goal for designing an app with the iBuildApp platform was to offer as much information about its organization in the simplest, most convenient way. Hampden Charter School, on the other hand, wanted an app primarily to strengthen its connection to its students.

Mobile App

Besides publishing the latest news, Hampden can send out push notifications to keep learners in tune with the bell schedule. App users can also integrate their calendars to keep track of important events. Furthermore, the Hampden app features a “Tap to Call” button that enables students to connect directly to staff and faculty. At the high school or college level, making it straightforward to contact teachers for questions, clarifications, or advice can assist current and prospective students alike.

Like the Christian American School Of Guatemala, Hampden saw it fit to incorporate social media linkage to its application. Students can access the school’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels directly from the landing page of their mobile application. For a uniquely useful touch, however, Hampden’s app features Google Maps compatibility with all the relevant pins conveniently placed for present and would-be learners to easily find their way.

Utrecht Summer School App – Academics with a twist

Founded by the Utrecht University in The Netherlands, Utrecht Summer School is one of the largest summer schools in Europe. The school offers more than 100 courses to thousands of students worldwide.

Last year, Utrecht Summer School resolved to fill a gap in academics delivery with a mobile app centered explicitly on Regenerative Medicine (M18) and 3D Printing & Biofabrication (M4) modules. From the iBuildApp collection, the school got a template with which it could organize learning material for students to access efficiently. The summer school’s app takes things a notch higher by including a map of the university’s Science Park, as well as a Documents section where students can view and download relevant studying material.

Mobile App

Even more remarkable is that Utrecht Summer School has gone to significant lengths to make an Applied Sciences app as interactive as possible. In addition to personalized course programs, the app features a Fan Wall where students can view and publish interesting posts, the same way a Facebook Feed works. Learners can access the summer school’s M4 and M18 websites directly from the app, an approach that is more academic-oriented, but just as effective as linking to social media pages

The right educational app for your institution is right around the corner

As you have learned from the excellent examples above, a mobile app can do a lot for your school. A proper application can give you an effective platform for communicating with your community. You can introduce a more organized learning method to your students and use smartphone-centered features like GPS and push notifications to make their experience more convenient and personalized.

The right app can also enable you to refine various other student-related activities. For instance, students can make online school payments through mobile applications, which would save them the effort of standing in bank queues. Alternatively, an app that can manage attendance can help you keep a closer eye on your students.

iBuildApp offers a host of educational app templates that are guaranteed to suit your needs. Pick one and customize it to your liking, and you will have a mobile app ready for deployment within minutes. We are excited that our designs are an integral part of the three schools above. Have a look at them too. We do not doubt that one of them will help you design a valuable app that will motivate your students to aim for better learning prospects.