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How to Build an iPhone App in 5 min

Step-by-step instructions

iBuildApp platform is easy to navigate and simple to use for anyone. No special skills needed! You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to create and manage your own applications. Just follow these simple instructions to build your own app:

  • Select a template that best fits your needs
  • Specify your app’s name (it must be unique)
  • On your Application Management panel, use the iPhone simulator to navigate through the app; the right section will be updated accordingly so you could manage the content on the page
  • Customize Home page elements:
    • Style your background (click on the “Change Background” link and select a color or background image)
    • Change your app’s logo and/or introduction text
    • Customize buttons and bottom tabs (each control has a default name and image). You can change the name and upload custom image.
  • Create application content: navigate to desired page on the iPhone simulator (click a button or a bottom tab – the edit section will get updated accordingly).
    On the Edit section, select a function from drop down list and then enter appropriate content.
  • Once you’ve done with your content go to the next step and enter your application info, then go ahead and submit your app!