Small business solutions: Intuit turbotax, Skype, Costco, MailChimp, Yelp and Comcast for business

MAKE APPS for business such as intuit turbotax, Skype, Costco, Yelp, MailChimp and Comcast Services

Mobile apps run the world, and it’s important for small business to stay ahead of the trends, manage their workforce effectively and reach out to customers in friendly ways. What’s the best way to complete all of these tasks?

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By using apps for business such as intuit turbotax, Comcast for business, Skype, Costco, MailChimp, Yelp for small business owners you can open up your tablet or smartphone and communicate directly to your workers and customers regardless of your location. The Internet is filled with nicely designed apps to help you improve your productivity and gain revenue. These apps help your accounting, marketing, project management, file storage, payment processing and more. Recently, Comcast Business started offering a set of managed enterprise services covering broadband, Ethernet, voice, router, security, business continuity and Wi-Fi. Let’s explore the top apps that every small business owner should use: Intuit turbotax, MailChimp, Skype, Costco, Comcast and Yelp for business

Intuit turbotax for small business

intuit turbotax, Skype, costco

intuit turbotax is a comprehensive accounting application designed to help small business owners who find other accounting software too intimidating. Intuit turbotax for business comes packaged in a complete software suite with an app that lets you access your finances from any of your devices.

The app contains a sleek interface that lets you track hours for yourself, workers and even contractors. It provides a very convenient receipt saving feature where you can take a picture of your receipt, and intuit turbotax stores it in various formats for your accounting reports. Another good feature is that you can send an invoice to your customers directly from your mobile app. Meet with a client, bill them after the service is done and they can pay you at their own convenience.

You can download the intuit turbotax application on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Yelp for business owners

costco, yelp for business owners

Everyone seems to have their own preferences when it comes to yelp for business. Regardless of your preferences, every small business needs a way to check references and store files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations and media. Try yelp for business owners to acquire more customers for your business.

The mobile app, for yelp for business, gives you access to all customer testimonials, and it lets you manage your business reputation online or on mobile. The best part about yelp for business app is that it integrates directly into the Yelp platform, which allows you to access your business advertising services and profile.

Learn more about yelp for business on site or download the Yelp for small business owners app on your mobile app

Costco Business Center

costco business

Costco business center is a members-only warehouse selling a huge variety of items including bulk groceries, electronics & more. Costco app let customers to show the Costco business app on smartphone to cashier. No special scanning required. To redeem offers, just present the paper coupon or show the Costco app. It really excels for small business owners when you get the Costco Business App which connects directly to your mobile phone.

The app gives business owners an affordable way to quickly receive payments in-person or online using the Costco app. Never feel constricted by a lack of means to obtain goods or pay hefty fees whenever someone buys something from you.

Skype for business

Skype for business

Skype for business is an app developed for simple communication tasks. Sure, every company still needs phone, but there are some calls that can be done quicker and more effectively an application like Skype for business. Skype provides cost effective and collaborative tools for businesses of any size.

Skype for Business rolls out as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 E5 suite of premium products, and aims to provide a simple way for businesses that already use Office 365 to have their employees stay connected. Skype for Business allows callers to dial into a meeting or to an outside number from a traditional phone or with a single click on a connected PC or smartphone, while Skype Meeting Broadcast creates virtual meetings for up to 10,000 attendees joining on different phones or PC.

MailChimp online marketing solution to send emails

MailChimp online marketing

MailChimp is one of those online marketing solutions that many people forget about when starting a business, but it’s essential to stay connected with your customers. More than 7 million people use MailChimp to design, send, and track email marketing campaigns. There are many email marketing software options out there, but MailChimp gives you an interactive app to build your emails via a drag-and-drop editor. You can create an email marketing campaign on your desktop and send it from your mobile app.

It’s also free until your list grows past 2,000 email addresses, helping small businesses save money getting started. The MailChimp app is also available. It’s also worth noting that MailChimp offers an email collection app called Chimpadeedoo. It allows you to attend a conference, meeting or trade show and collect emails on your tablet. many stores use this at the register to give out a promotion or freebie in exchange for emails. These solutions for small business owners available online: intuit turbotax, Skype for business, costco business, comcast and yelp for business

Comcast business internet services

comcast business internet services

Comcast Business Services offers Internet, Ethernet, Voice and TV for businesses. Built for business, services are delivered over a diverse, private network – a leading alternative to the phone company. With Internet speeds up to five times faster than DSL and Ethernet that provides carrier-grade data and Internet services, at speeds up to 10 GBPS, businesses will find the solution they need Business services have been the fastest growing segment for most cable operators and Comcast is no exception. According to Comcast, business services grew 22% in 2014 and has an annual revenue run-rate of more than $4.5 billion.

Comcast Business Services also launched Upware, a cloud solutions marketplace where small to midsize businesses can buy and use cloud-based software, as well as order Comcast business products and services. The site has nine cloud-based applications organized in three categories — data backup, data security and collaboration. Comcast plans to add more products and categories, including marketing and customer relationship management. Try these solutions for small businesses such as: intuit turbotax, Skype for business, costco business, comcast and yelp for business

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments what apps you use for your small business. Did we miss any essential apps that every small business owners must have? If you haven’t tried these apps (intuit turbotax, Skype for business, comcast and costco business, yelp for business) for your business before, give them a whirl and send us your feedback.