Is Your Blogger Mobile App as Good as These

Bloggers run the internet these days, posting ramblings with tips for gardening in your urban home, properly applying makeup and traveling around the world. Everyone is getting into the app blogging game, because it pushes more people to your website and offers valuable content to people who might potentially purchase from you. Some people run a blog as their primary source of income, while others are simply running a business and want to create a free resource center for their customers by using Blogger Mobile App service.

Regardless of the reason you manage a blog, a mobile app offers your readers a chance to access the content from their mobile devices, leading to more loyal readers who can check in with your media and written content no matter where they are located.

Blogger MobileMobile AppBlogger App

To get started, simply grab a blogger mobile app template from the iBuildApp website and start building today. Let’s take a look as some of the best designed blogger mobile apps to help guide you with exactly what components should be included in your mobile app.

The Guillaume Kigbafori Soro Blogger Mobile App

Blogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile App

Here is a perfect example of a personal blogger mobile app. The app includes a nice picture of the man who runs the blog, with buttons that sit just to the side without cluttering the homepage. The professional photo is accompanied with the blogger’s name at the top for branding purposes.

Along with photos, videos and various other types of media, this blogger is a pro at putting all his content in one, easily digestible interface. You’ll even notice that the blogger includes links to his eMagazine and tabs that lead directly to his social media pages. You can even shoot him an email through the Contact page, which is clearly visible at the bottom.


Blogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile App

This is one of the more unique approaches to blogger mobile app design, but it works perfectly. It’s similar to the Windows Live Tiles, which give you large colorful buttons for people to easily see what content you offer on your blogger mobile app. This blogger mobile app offers news in politics, sports, economics and more. You’ll notice that the actual blog posts are accessible through the categorized buttons, and you can view videos that go along with the blog posts.

Another nice component of this app’s design is the social media link at the bottom. Everything goes together brilliantly with this app, and it uses a sleek design to help people understand exactly what the blog is about before they decide on using it. Not to mention there are high quality photos that accompany every single blog post that goes through this app. The only thing I might add is a Contact page for people to get in touch with the blog creator.

del Maestro

Blogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile AppBlogger

The Blog del Maestro mobile app features a beautiful homepage with colored pencil graphics and just a few buttons so users know exactly where to click in order to find the content they want. The blog feed is incorporated through the second link with clear media such as images to lure people in and read more. The Facebook page is also a nice touch, along with a Motivation page that links to the blog’s Twitter page.

One thing you’ll notice is that this blog is updated regularly, to keep people interested and coming back to the mobile app for more. A blog’s kryptonite is when you stop updating and leave your readers hanging. Make sure your blog is always updated and that your mobile app receives these feeds in order to keep people interested.

Blogger Mobile App Arjun Vyas

Blogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile AppBlogger Mobile App

The Arjun Vyas Blogger Mobile App is another nice take on how to make a clean and sleek interface to push users to your content. The homepage clearly shows the buttons, logo and background image without any clutter, and you can see that the background image is a hint as to what readers can expect from the blog.

The main button on the homepage pushes users to the blog, and you can see that the blog feed is constantly updated to keep people in the loop with recent news. The mobile app also has an instant Call button to get in contact with the blogger, and you can also send in an email if you don’t want to talk with the person on the phone.

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have started making a mobile app for your blog. Do you have any questions about the best mobile apps for bloggers that we outlined above? Let us know if you think there are some other components that should always be included in a blogger’s mobile app. TUMBLR is another good sample of blogger mobile app available from yahoo.