Make mobile apps from Google Spread Sheet, Google Docs and Documents, Apps for Work Engine

iBuildApps App Maker provides premium features such as notifications, analytics, cloud storage, collaboration and support of business apps such as Google Apps for Work, Google Docs and Documents, Google spread Sheet. You can login to your Google app engine and see the stats in the dashboard.

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iBuildApp is a platform for making mobile apps and has backends to scale business apps such as Google Apps for Work with powerful engine. What makes iBuildApp nice for the business app users out there? You receive the whole package in terms of grabbing a mobile app template for your business at no cost.

You are more than welcome to continue using iBuildApp at no cost. Sign up for google apps for work to get email, cloud storage, collaboration tools and other business apps such as Google Doc and Documents, Google spread Sheet. Login to your Google Apps for Work account to start!

If you have come to a point where your business’ mobile app is receiving an influx of visitors, or you want to start sending out push notifications to drum up more business, iBuildApp has the features to do all of this with a quick upgrade. iBuildApp works with Google App Engine (or GAE ) that is a platform as a service (PaaS).  Google App Engine provides cloud computing services as a platform for developing and hosting web sites and mobile app back-end.

Google Apps for Work

Basic Plan that supports Google Apps for Work Engine: Google Doc and Documents, Google Spread Sheet

Sign up for 100 App Downloads with Basic plan for business

Some businesses only need 100 mobile app downloads to remain successful, while others are simply using it for market testing.

Sign up for Business Plan Email Support that works with Google Apps Doc and Documents, Google Spread Sheet

Although our free plan works wonders for small businesses, sometimes a little help from our trained professionals is more suitable when you need a quick answer about your business app. We answer quickly and know the ins and outs of our own tools for business productivity.

Login or Sign up for email for your business with Google Apps for Work Google Apps for Work provides professional email, cloud online storage for team collaboration, shared calendars for work, team video meetings. Google Apps for Work have productivity tools such as Google Docs and Documents, Google spread Sheets. It is built for business, designed for team collaboration work. Google’s main rival here is of course Microsoft Office 365.

Login to Send Cloud Notifications to Your Business Users

google apps login The true power of a mobile app lies in its push notifications. Need to send out a BOGO pizza coupon? Want to share that your band’s concert is coming up? Login to send push notifications to your mobile business apps users. You can work from anywhere: create, modify and share files and google documents on the go from your app, phone, laptop or tablet.

Login  to your account for unlimited Mobile Site Visits

Although mobile apps are starting to rule the online world, millions of people still access mobile sites, and if you don’t have an app to support an influx in site visitors you’re losing business. Sign in and start using this feature now.

Google App Engine suite of applications automatically scale in the cloud depending on incoming traffic. Google App Engine provides services such as server load balancing, user authorization, storing data in memcache, traffic splitting, logging, versioning, roll out and roll backs, SQL – noSQL databases. Google App Engine supports security scanning. It is easy to create, manage and scale the App Engine applications when your traffic and data storage grows. Try out the Basic Plan if you like what you see.

Our Business Plan supports Google Apps for Work: Google Docs and Documents, Google spread Sheets

Sign In to your account and upgrade to Business Plan that includes everything in Basic plan plus it works with Google Docs and Documents, Google Sheets. Just start with Google Apps login.

Your Cloud App Can Manage 1000 Downloads

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More downloads. Your business is really taking off! The Business Plan is designed because we know the ultimate goal of every company is to maintain continuous growth. If anything else, the 3,000 download point works as a wonderful benchmark to work towards. The Business Plan for companies support Google Docs and Documents, Google Sheets, Google Apps login.

Unlimited Notifications similar to google apps for work

Remember those push notifications that are so helpful for improving conversions? Yeah, now you get as many of those as you want.

Expert Submission to Apple and Google Apps Stores

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For quality control reasons it’s a pain in the butt to submit your mobile app for work to the Google Play App Store and iTunes App store. If you don’t have the time to work through this process we do all your app publishing on google apps store for you.

White Label Branding for your business similar to Google Docs and Documents, Google Sheets and Google Apps Engine login

With lower-level plans you’ll notice the iBuildApp logo on some of your pages similar to Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Documents. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it look like you created the app yourself? The app already looks professional, so get rid of our logo to make it look like you spent thousands of dollars on it. Try out the Business Plan if you need a little more power for your mobile app. Sign up now!

Login to your account for the Enterprise Agreement Plan upgrade!

The Enterprise Plan is for the big dogs. It includes everything you get in the lower-level plans, plus the following. You can save up to 70% by upgrading to the enterprise agreement with iBuildApp to make mobile apps for business to use Google productivity tools such as Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Documents and Google Apps Engine login.

Unlimited Downloads provided supporting Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Documents and Google Apps Engine login.

Now you’re in the big leagues. Your app is breaking barriers and gaining traction to the point where you no longer need to worry about download caps. Watch the users role in and get ready to make some money.

Priority Support for your Enterprise plan similar to Google apps for work

google sheet Can’t wait to receive an email reply from our support team? You’re now pushed to the top of the list.

Manage your company’s phones and tablets with tools to control your business

If you opt for a yearly payment plan you also gain access to the source code for all of your mobile apps. This means you can plug it into other systems and play around with it for the ultimate customization. You can manage your company mobile devices, business email, set up security settings from the Google Apps Admin console login. Store your company data safe and protected. Use Google Doc and Documents, Google Sheets and Google Apps login to manage your business.

iBuildApp for Enterprise supports Google App Engine that is a cloud computing technology for hosting web applications. Google App Engine uses its own Google-managed data centers. Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) supporting languages such as Java, Python, Go and PHP. Try out the Enterprise Plan if you’re ready to start kicking butt with your mobile app. Login to your account for the productivity software enterprise agreement now! Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have been thinking of upgrading your iBuildApp plan. Google Apps for Work is organized into a few categories.
  • Communicate: Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar.
  • Store – Google Drive.
  • Collaborate – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Slides and Sites.
  • Manage – Google Apps Login to Admin and Vault.
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