5 Myths that Prevent Small Businesses from Making Apps

So a customer came in and told you that a mobile app would work nicely for your business. Maybe your kids mentioned that a mobile app can help you reach a younger market. You roll your eyes and brush off the comments, turning back to our tumultuous days as a small businesses owner.

Your day is filled up with enough work, so why do you need another tool for marketing your business?

It’s a valid question, yet one that deserves exploring, considering consumers spend more time shopping on mobile devices than laptops.

The truth is, you need a mobile app because people make decisions based on what information pops up on their phones and tablets. People eat based on search results, they choose auto mechanics based on push notification deals and they go to concerts because of cool band photos in a mobile app gallery.

All that said, quite a few excuses arise for not making a mobile app, so we put together the five myths that prevent small businesses from making mobile apps.

Myth 1: I Don’t Have Time to Update a Mobile App

You do indeed have the time, because most of it is automated nowadays. Simply connect a news feed to keep people updated and link your Facebook feed for fresh discounts you share on there.

Customers don’t want to hear from small businesses everyday, so your promotions and special push notifications are only required on a weekly or monthly basis. Seriously, a push notification is only going to take you a couple of minutes to write up and send, considering you only get around 150 characters.

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Myth 2: I Can’t Provide Anything Through an App Besides My Contact Info

How is it that you make money? Many modern businesses still take phone calls and emails, yet what if there were a magical way to cut this process out or make it easier?

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That’s where a mobile app comes in, because it expedites the contact process, including quick call and email buttons, along with reservation and booking tools for automating the entire process. Imagine all the time you can free up by letting customers book tables for your restaurant through an app, instead of answering phone calls all day.

Myth 3: I Don’t Know How to Develop an App

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Luckily for you, just about every business person in the world could say the same thing. Why do so many companies have mobile apps then? Because it’s super easy with tools like iBuildApp.

You don’t need any development or coding knowledge, and professionally designed templates are created for you. You simply grab a template, customize it with drag and drag editors and publish it. Did I mention you receive a customer support team to guide you through the process?

Myth 4: I Already Have a Website, Along with Facebook and Twitter Pages

These platforms are not even close to enough. In fact, one could argue that you’d be better off with a mobile app instead of a website, but that’s for another day.

Keep in mind that it’s dangerous to assume your customers are hearing everything you have to say through your website or social pages. Each customer is different, and they all enjoy consuming information in unique ways. In fact, consumers are more likely to check their phones than to go online and navigate to your website.

Myth 5: My Customers Know Where They Can Find Me

Just because a customer knows where to find you doesn’t mean they have pledged their undying loyalty to you. Your company isn’t in the front of their minds at all times, so they are certainly willing to walk into a competitor’s shop if they see that a deal is going on.

Have you ever heard of Groupon? Your competitors are all over that site, and most customers are willing to forget about you to find the deals. How can you change this? Ingrain your company’s imagine into customer minds by putting the brand on a very personal device of theirs.

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Over to You…

Are you still worried about whether it’s worthwhile to make a mobile app for your small business? Tell us about your concerns in the comments section below.