5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Mobile App is Scaring Off Clients

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Mobile App is Scaring Off Clients

Sometimes you start to realize that your mobile app you made a couple months ago isn’t bringing in the client base you initially planned on.

You start asking yourself questions on where you went wrong. Was it the design? Are you not pushing people to the sales pages quick enough? Do customers even want to find your service or buy products from you on a mobile app?

Well, chances are, people are indeed willing to give you money or at least find your company through a mobile app. The only problem is finding what’s going wrong with your app and then fixing the problem to make the mobile app work for you.

Let’s take a look at several tell-tale signs that your mobile app is scaring off clients.

Distracting Users Too Much from Your Mobile App

Your Mobile apps don’t have nearly as many possibilities to frustrate and distract customers as websites do, but there are still a few ways to overwhelm customers. There is a chance that your customer base doesn’t respond well to ads, so ask people if this makes the experience less desirable.

You also might notice that some of the elements on your mobile app are simply filler, offering little to no value to your customers and taking up space in the app. This overwhelms customers by cramming in too many buttons on the homepage or dumping every product you have into an mCommerce page.

Start with the basics and make a list of all the items you can remove from your mobile app without affecting your sales.

Hard to Find Contact Info in Your Mobile App

When a customer downloads and looks at your mobile app they need to have a way to contact you, whether it’s to buy your product, ask for directions or just for a little support with your product.

Not having contact information, or having hard-to-find contact information, hurts your business and the customer experience. Not only does it look a little shady (any reputable company should be able to openly share contact information for support), but you cut down on the outlets needed for customers to buy and find support for the products or services.

Poor Grammar and Spelling in Your Mobile App

Read through all of the pages on your mobile app and mark down how many times you find a grammar or spelling error. If this isn’t your forte, ask someone else with an English degree to proofread for you.

For some reason there are tons of businesses out there that don’t think spelling and grammar matters. Unfortunately, there is only one thought that pops into customer minds when they spot something like this: What else is the company skimping on if they can’t even get their text right? Who knows what else the company is skimping on?

Grainy or Stretched Images in Your Mobile App

Images are the core of your mobile app engagement. If you don’t have professional photos of your business workings and products, how can you expect people to buy from you? Take the extra time if you logo doesn’t upload properly to clean it up and crop it to the right size.

Hire or beg a professional friend to take high-quality photos to show that your company actually takes pride in what you do.

Not Showing How Customers Vouch for You

Your past customers are one of the easiest ways to find new customers in this word-of-mouth world we live in. Think about your most satisfied customers and get them together to write testimonials or sit down for a video testimonial.

Include these testimonials in your app so that every time a customer comes to your mobile app they are reminded why you are the best company for the job. People make purchases on Amazon based on user reviews. You go to see a movie based on the recommendations from friends and family.

This mentality doesn’t change when using a mobile app. Share what customers are saying who love your product or service. If you don’t show this type of credibility it’s a sure-fire way to kill your mobile app and prevent people from coming back to it again.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. Share if you can think of any other tell-tale signs that your mobile app is scaring off customers.