Top RESELLER Programs: GoDaddy, Microsoft Office 365, HubSpot and Google Apps for Work, SEO, Value Added

Have you ever tried to make money online or Run Your Own Business from scratch? Maybe you have a little programming experience or simply want to use a program like iBuildApp to quickly create apps for a certain niche industry or locale. This is where the iBuildApp app reseller program similar to Google, Microsoft Office 365, GoDaddy and SEO, Value Added reseller comes into play. Imagine having the opportunity to build a client base, start making apps for them and then gaining income because of these sales.

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It’s actually quite easy to make a profit with the white label App Reseller Program, since the plans are reasonable, and the more your client base grows, the cheaper each app becomes.

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to make a small business creating apps for different businesses around the world.

Google Apps for work: Choose a Niche to join app reseller program similar to Google, Microsoft Office 365, GoDaddy

Some of the more successful app building companies tend to focus on a niche industry so that they can sell Google Apps for work reseller partner program services a tad easier. If you go to a company and say that you build apps for everything and everyone, what are the chances that the company goes with you? However, if you build apps specifically for auto repair shops, your sale to all the local auto repair shops becomes a bit easier.

Why is this? Because you have more experience helping auto repair shops sell their services easier. You know what works and doesn’t in an industry as opposed to just giving every company cookie cutter apps. In fact, focusing on a certain location is key to your business as well. If you live in San Antonio, why not target San Antonio businesses to show that you are successful in helping only businesses in the area?

Google Apps for work partner program: Build Apps Without Branding

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Since you are trying to promote your own services, you probably don’t want the iBuildApp logo all over the apps you sell. That’s why iBuildApp removes all the branding to make it easier for you to sell your apps and to resell Google Apps for work. This lets you work on app creation of any type (iPhone, Android, iPad) using branding from your own company.

You don’t even need to wait that long to get setup with an iBuildApp Reseller account. It usually takes around three days, and the editor and dashboard are all hosted on our side, so you don’t have to worry about any of the technical details. With SEO, Value Added Godaddy Reseller program you can sell domains, hosting, SSL certificates, email and more from your own website. With Google Apps for Work Partner program you can bring professional email, online storage, video meetings and more to millions of businesses.

Google Apps for work partner program help you to control from your end customers

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Here’s the deal; When you Run Your Own Business in app building area, the clients probably want access to stats and other information to see how it performs with their customers. This takes a nice infrastructure so that both you and your clients have dashboards to control what is going on.

With the iBuildApp app reseller program similar to SEO, Value Added Google, HubSpot, Microsoft Office 365, GoDaddy, your dashboard is clean and clear for you to build the apps and publish them on Google Play and iTunes.

Once the apps are published you can work to create login accounts for clients so that they can check in on past performance and see if anything in their app needs to be moderated to improve their sales. For example, if the client sees that no one is finding on google their sales page, then they might ask you to move it closer to the homepage, by adding a nice big sales button when people land on the app.

Google Apps for work partner reseller program allows to accept Payments Quickly

With PayPal your payments are quickly transferred to your account whenever your clients go to your site and make a payment. You can place a payment button on your google site within seconds, and you can work on creating and customizing this button in your iBuildApp reseller program dashboard that is similar to similar to Google apps for work, Microsoft Office 365 reseller, GoDaddy and HubSpot partner to make it look nice on your website. This is how you get paid, so iBuildApp tries to make it as simple as possible.

With Microsoft office 365 reseller partner program you can develop additional revenue streams and strengthen relationships with customers and authorized distributors as you provision licenses to genuine Microsoft products. And working with a local distributor, together you can build your business. Value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are encouraged to work with a distributor for access to services and support that can best serve customer needs.

Become a licensing microsoft reseller here

Microsoft reseller partner program has authorized distributors for these specific areas:

Microsoft authorized distributors – experts who can help you configure Microsoft licensing solutions and may offer credit services, marketing support, training, and access to dedicated sales representatives

Microsoft authorized cloud distributors – specialists providing readiness, sales training and activation, technical and licensing support, and account management for cloud services

Microsoft authorized Office full-packaged product (FPP) distributors – Microsoft partners who can help you license Microsoft Office FPP to activate Microsoft Office preloaded on new PCs

Microsoft authorized OEM distributors – OEM partners who provide licenses for pre-installation on hardware and resale

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to work on making money online by building your own mobile apps. There are plenty of resources online to help you learn how to code and work on selling your own google apps to other businesses, but it’s always easier to just use the iBuildApp interface and make the apps without any of that knowledge.

Feel free to checkout some of the other features and benefits of the iBuildApp App Reseller Program similar to SEO, Value Added, Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, GoDaddy and HubSpot.