Why Becoming A Mobile App Reseller is a Wonderful Idea

Imagine a job where you didn’t have to take orders from a boss, but it still gave you the opportunity to make a decent amount of money and use your creativity. Not only that, but a job where you could help out small businesses.

This job is what we would call an app reseller. It’s for the entrepreneurial types who crave freedom in their workday and the ability to chat with regular small business owners like yourself.

An app reseller works with a system like iBuildApp to generate beautiful, customizable mobile apps for other business owners. Therefore, you could have clients ranging from hair stylists to lawyers. Many app resellers focus on niche markets to hone in on a certain group of clients. For instance, we know of a few resellers who only make apps for churches or restaurants.

Why Becoming A Mobile App Reseller is a Wonderful Idea

It sounds like a solid gig for technical people who have development experience, but what are some of the other reasons becoming an app reseller is a wonderful idea?

You Don’t Have to Wonder About Success, Since It’s Easily Measureable

With an app reseller program you receive an onslaught of stats and reports, all of which give you full control over what decisions to make in the future. A savvy reseller would show these download and usage reports to clients to reveal how essential the app has become to bringing in new customers and nurturing old ones.

In addition, reseller programs like iBuildApp have monetization tools so you can set your own payments plans to make it profitable for you and affordable for your clients.


The Mobile App Market is Rapidly Growing

By 2020 the mobile app market is expected to double. This means that there’s still a large piece of the pie out there for new app resellers. This is particularly true for those who cater to small businesses. Far too often you’ll see app agencies that charge insane prices and generate extremely complex mobile apps for the Fortune 500s of the world.

Fortunately for you, this leaves thousands of small businesses up for grabs. Not only that, but you can generally start in your local neighborhood, since these people are looking for new marketing prospects, and they’re willing to refer you to other businesses in the area.


Resellers Can Offer Affordable Apps for Small Businesses

Why Becoming A Mobile App Reseller is a Wonderful Idea

Reseller programs are made for small businesses. They give the reseller all the design and marketing tools they need for affordable monthly pricing. With this infrastructure already configured, you can pass along those savings to local businesses, making it much easier to sell to folks with small marketing budgets.


Reseller Programs Cut Down on Development Time and Costs for You

Building an app from scratch is fun. And we encourage all developers to expand their knowledge by starting from a blank slate from time to time. But when it comes to making money, templates and pre-built development tools bring in the big bucks.

Why Becoming A Mobile App Reseller is a Wonderful Idea

This way you have a chance to scale up quickly and not feel like you’re spending all of your time and resources on one or two clients. All you do is grab a template, complete the customizations for the client, then market the app however you see fit.


It Doesn’t Cost Much Money to Get Started

The iBuildApp reseller program starts at $249 per month for you to build 10 apps. When you think about the returns you can get from one local business, that’s insanely affordable for just getting started with a business. The fact is that you will most likely be able to charge one business more than $249 for the app development. Multiply that by 10 and you’re in business.


The Demand for These Apps is Currently Very High

Consider this: Mobile devices account for 35% of all eCommerce transactions. This isn’t just a trend, but a movement. Mobile apps have already proven to be useful for both businesses and consumers, so now is the right time to start taking advantage.

Over to You…

If you have any questions about why you should become a mobile app reseller, or if you’re interested in joining the program, go to the iBuildApp reseller page or drop a line in the comments section below.