Login to your Rackspace account with Apps.Rackspace, Bluehost webmail

Login to your Rackspace account with Apps.Rackspace, Bluehost webmail

The value of creating your business app include connecting with your customers using a media platform. According to Apple, U.S. Consumers Now Spend More Time In Apps Than Watching TV. Learn How to Create Your Business App for apps.rackspace, rackspace email login and Bluehost webmail!

All of us heard about tools for building websites through web hosting services like Rackspace, Godaddy domain registrator and 1and 1 WebMail but what about a mobile app for your business? for apps.rackspace, rackspace email login and Bluehost webmail!

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iBuildApp App Maker integrates with Rackspace webmail login and provides a single sign-on for apps.rackspace users. It uses nusoap for Rackspace email login, cPanel for management of hosting servers, shared data management and network API integration.

Not only would it be easier for the client, but it would put you in their mind as the one person, or business, that did something different.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a mobile app for your business to send out to your potential clients.

Step 1: Choose Mobile Template for Apps.Rackspace, Rackspace email login, Bluehost webmail

To start, you’re going to need a template to make your app look nice. Go to the iBuildApp template catalogue and browse through the app solutions offered.

For example, you can type “portfolio” into the search bar and locate a few viable options for things like modeling, photography and video production portfolios. Feel free to grab one of these if they suit your needs. You can go to apps.rackspace and see more options. You can access your Bluehost hosting email accounts from your web browser or by using desktop email client.

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Cloud Rackspace apps and the server status can be checked here real-time. It supports view of the performance and uptime of Rackspace email apps and cloud servers.

On the other hand, you can click on the Templates or Solutions tabs on the left hand side of the page to scroll through a large list of pre made templates. Many are available for professionals like writers, musicians and photographers. Once you find the template that you like, select the Create button to proceed to your account.

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Step 2: Select Your App Template for Rackspace email login, Bluehost webmail, apps.rackspace

For this example we’re using the Photo Studio portfolio theme, so after you select your app category it brings you to the editing module.

This area helps you with branding, since it has options for selecting a background, managing your navigation and including a logo. Play around with these tabs to reach your own customization goals.

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If the template you selected doesn’t have a Portfolio navigation button, go to the Manage Navigation tab and either turn the Portfolio button on or make a new one.

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Step 3: Add a Content for Rackspace email login, Bluehost webmail at apps.rackspace

Click on the Manage Content tab to see what types of content modules are offered through your selected template. With the Photo Studio templates we chose for this example, two viable features are built-in to make portfolios: The Instagram and Photos feature and the Portfolio feature.

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If you don’t have one of the features in your template, go to Change Feature link to locate and implement one that works.

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Step 4: Upload Content with Rackspace login, bluehost webmail at apps.rackspace

As stated before, several features are available for making portfolios, some of which include the Video List and Audio List options.

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The eBook and Instagram & Photos features are viable options as well.

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Since we’re trying to make a photo app, the Instagram and Photos solution is our best bet. Once the Instagram and Photos module is incorporated into your mobile app, change the page title to whatever you want. We’ll call it Portfolio.

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Feel free to choose a color scheme, along with a layout with a certain amount of columns. The final step is to click on the Add Album button on the very bottom of the page, which prompts you to connect with services like Flickr, Picasa and Instagram. An Upload Photo button is also available for use.


Upon importing your photos from the selected source, watch as the images are populated into the albums you specified. You have the option to change album names and reorganize them however you desire or create for Rackspace login or bluehost webmail at apps.rackspace.

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When a potential client clicks on one of your albums it brings them to the entire collection, which can them be clicked on and flipped through for the full portfolio effect.

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Over to You…

That’s it! Congratulations on designing your own mobile app for business with Rackspace login or bluehost webmail at app.rackspace that is similar to GoDaddy webmail and feel free to leave us any questions you may have in the comments section below. Keep in mind that various portfolio solutions are available through iBuildApp, including ones for writers, real estate agents, design agencies and artists.