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Whether you’re running a psycian network, hospital, or doctor’s office, mobile medical apps are a required way to connect with your employees, patients and customers.

Heck, you must have it for your medical organization to provide medical services from the hospital care providers, hospital emergency information, HR related information to your staff . In that case, iBuildApp has you covered.

As with most of the mobile app templates you can find on the iBuildApp website, these new medical app designs are based on what customers have asked for, along with what are believed to be the most effective and professional designs, buttons, copy and images.

doctor appointment app

These new medical apps designs are a great start, since you don’t have to worry about developing your own app. We already did it for you. In fact, one could argue that you hardly have to complete any changes to make a good impression on your patients.

That said, we do recommend you modify items like your contact information, doctor appointment, logo, hours, services, products, staff members and location.

All of this can be done in the mobile app builder (which was recently updated to version 3.0).

Where can you find the most recent medical app designs? Click here, or go through the image below for a list of about nine options to choose from.

Healthcare Apps

What Are the Coolest Designs You Can Find on the Most Recent Medical Apps?

Medical Apps

As with all of the iBuildApp templates, the tabs, buttons, pages and designs all depend on the app’s industry. For example, a high school template might have a list of all the teachers, while a business conference app template would talk about the speakers, locations and topics involved for the event.

So, what can you expect to find on the most recent medical app designs?

About Us Information and Details on Services in Medical Apps

Healthcare Apps

Whether you’re running an app for your pharmacy or a healthcare organization, everyone who comes to your medical app is going to want to understand what type of organization you’re running. Therefore, most of the medical app designs have areas to fill in About Us information, along with an organized gallery for talking about your services. This module includes thumbnail images and categorized areas for people to easily click through.

Appointment Booking on Medical Apps

doctor appointment app

Most people will want to go to a medical app in order to quickly make doctor appointment. This works out well for patients who are far more likely to contact their doctor or the healthcare organization on a regular basis. For example, an older person is more likely to have that doctor on speed dial, so why not just have an app with a quick doctor appointment button?

Most of the medical apps also provide quick contact buttons and other fields for specifying what you would like to set up with your doctor. You can even highlight all of the doctors in the firm to send people to the right professionals when they get to the app. In fact, we recommend including the direct contact information to each doctor. This makes it easier for everyone involved.

Drugs, Dosages and Side Effects for your Healthcare Organization

doctor appointment app

The pharmacy app designs are a little different from that of a doctor’s office or emergency room. Since you’re providing help to customers, and not patients, it’s more of an informational and sales app. People will want to figure out the location of your pharmacy, and it’s wise to have some quick links to items like your phone number, email address and FAQs. Luckily for you, all of this is already inserted into the pharmacy designs.

What’s more is that you can list the types of drugs you have available, organizing them in an alphabetical list with images, information, side effects and dosages. Conditions are aligned with the particular drugs, and you can include a directory for people to locate the types of drugs they need.

Good Luck With the New Medical Apps!

As with all of the iBuildApp designs, they are meant to get you started quickly and professionally. We’re rather proud of the new medical apps, so feel free to play around with them, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns.