The Main Reasons Businesses Make Mobile Apps

An app development research company called Clutch recently sent a survey to small business owners and asked them why Businesses Make Mobile Apps in the first place.

Businesses Make Mobile Apps

The results are interesting, considering small business owners are often wondering what the benefits are for implementing the use of a small business app. This survey brings together the thoughts of various business owners throughout the United States, and it provides viable reasoning behind the decisions.

Most of the responses for why Businesses Make Mobile Apps were about customer service, but a few other responses entailed increasing sales, competing in the market and because someone in the organization suggested it.

Let’s take a look at the results.

Businesses Make Mobile Apps- To Increase Overall Sales

Businesses Make Mobile Apps

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In the survey, 37% of the companies questioned said they made a mobile app to improve sales. A response like this ties into most of the other points below, since the ultimate goal for any business is to make more money.

With mCommerce features, shopping carts, quick contact buttons and more, a tool like iBuildApp can put you on the digital grid and start boosting your sales within a short time. Even if the app doesn’t directly lead to a sale, it works its magic while you’re asleep to provide superior customer service, which in turn, accumulates potential new sales. Consider the mobile menu feature for restaurants in iBuildApp. Let’s say Susie wants to book a reservation a week in advance, so she’s researching restaurants to look at prices and menu options.

If your app has beautiful pictures of your food, along with pricing details, this is a form of customer service. What’s the best part? You don’t have to put in any work on your end. Susie is more likely to come in because of the quick details, and in return, you improve your sales numbers.

To Compete with Those Already Using Mobile Apps

Businesses Make Mobile

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Competition is a strong motivating factor, with 35% of the respondents mentioning they want to ensure that they keep up with other players in the market.

Let’s say a potential customer opens up their phone to find a hardware store. They’ve been to your hardware store several times, but you don’t have an app for them to download. A competing hardware store down the street provides an app which is sitting on your customer’s phone. Don’t you think that customer is likely to open up that app to check prices, hours and locations, and in the end, go to the competitor?

The point is, you’re behind in the game if your company doesn’t have a mobile app.

To Improve Customer Service

Make Mobile Apps

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76% of the survey respondents stated that Businesses Make Mobile Apps because of customer service purposes. This is a wonderful response, since that’s exactly what a mobile is is for. With mobile apps you create with iBuildApp, you can provide quick contact links for your customers to call you or email you within seconds.

Not only that, but business hours, directions and other details are provided with the click of a button. You can even chat with your users through community discussion walls, Facebook pages and other outlets to generate a sense of community and to give your customers a direct line to your company.

Their Parent Business Suggested to Make Mobile Apps

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Now, it’s not exactly a good start when a higher-up has to force you into a mobile app, but at least it gets the ball rolling. Around 10% of the small businesses surveyed came back with this response, so it raises the question: Who is telling you to make a mobile app? Are they credible? Is it possible that the person, or people, informing you about mobile apps can build or run the app for you?

I’ve heard dozens of stories about young employees recommending mobile apps to bosses, so this is a wonderful chance for you to give them more responsibility and potentially open up new business avenues.

Over to You…

A portion of US small businesses have spoken, but what do you think about this survey? Have you made an app for your business? If so, what was the reason for making the move? If not, tell us in the comments section below why Businesses Make Mobile Apps.